As any good sister would do, I made sure our visit with Cathy started with a political debate. Mr. Kells and I visited sister Cathy in the hospital (more commonly known as the starvation camp). Like any good sister, I did sneak her in some sustenance before my lecture. Who am I kidding? With Chatty Cathy one is not able to get a word in edgewise!

Interestingly, while our political views differ, we both seem to hold a common ground with regards to health care.

For me, I believe that the govt. should remove itself, as should insurance agencies from coming between a doctor and a patient…..the red tape is mind-boggling!

Cathy was born in a time where govt. healthcare (Medicaid, Medicare) had been in play for a while so that is something that always enters the equation in her arguments. I was telling her about the olden days where docs went to hospitals (Christian-funded), and helped the needy.

“Kelly, everyone is greedy now,” says she.

“So then you feel as if the govt. must be the arbiter of morals?” I reply.

She then tells me in Ireland they may choose between a govt. or a private health-insurance plan. I like this idea. But as much as I like it, I do not believe healthcare should be mandated.….particularly with fines from the IRS……….especially in the wake of the disastrous foibles of Lois Lerner playing Chicago politics on the American stage!

Oh, and the IRS is in charge of healthcare…… no death panels, you say? Read up…….suckas!

Obamacare contains largely unreported text that allows the health secretary to limit any “alternative treatments” of the elderly, disabled or terminally ill if such treatments are not recommended by the new research institute.

Reads that qualifier:

Paragraph (1) shall not be construed as preventing the Secretary from using evidence or findings from such comparative clinical effectiveness research in determining coverage, reimbursement, or incentive programs under title XVIII based upon a comparison of the difference in the effectiveness of alternative treatments in extending an individual’s life due to the individual’s age, disability, or terminal illness.

^And that is the prime example of Man playing God. How do ya like them morals?


Benjamin Franklin, Signer of the Declaration of Independence “Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters.”

Oh, but let’s keep paying them (our elected officials, shall we?) Dumb down the people, too, perhaps? Nobody likes a master like Mao, chickadow-chichadow-now!

In case it escaped you, I don’t do so well at hospitals……and I’m too nice to post these thoughts on the FB. Oh, and I ate my sister’s crackers…..



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