The Oil for Your Lamp

This is a series dedicated to a critical examination of what the politically correct agenda actually means for our society.

We hear a lot about ‘diversity,’ but how often do you stop to consider what is actually being advanced?  If we view society as an organism (which the majority of us do), then ‘diversity’ would actually represent a cancer in the body of society.  A body functions best when all its parts work toward a common goal.  However, when some cells start to establish a different agenda within the body, and they are allowed to grow unchecked, they will — eventually — kill the rest of the body.  This is essentially what cancer is and does: a group of cells that no longer work to sustain the body, but to exist and grow for their own purpose.  The same principle applies when we talk about ‘diversity’ in society.

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2 thoughts on “ABOUT POLITICAL CORRECTNESS: Cancer is ‘Diversity’

  1. Here’s some of that ‘Ole-Time Diversity Religion fer yah :


    Imagine those Un-Libertarian’s in California trying to stop the “Diversity” of “transgender” bathrooms…..why they should have their children forcibly removed for this !!!!
    Next they’ll be saying smokin weed is harmful or Sunthin’ … Sheesh the Haters in Calif….


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