The Oil for Your Lamp

This is a series dedicated to a critical examination of what the politically correct agenda actually means for our society.

Have you ever noticed how badly the politically correct crowed beats up on those they call bullies?  Now, exactly how is that helping teach people not to be bullies?  All they are teaching society is that bullies win.

And on a related note: why do they need to beat up on bullies in the first place?  Aren’t the same people supposed to support ‘diversity,’ too?

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2 thoughts on “ABOUT POLITICAL CORRECTNESS: Beating Up On Bullies

  1. A glimpse on the FB gives one an accurate account to which you speak. I find it amusing. Some will say very vile things, but if you post your thoughts, those same folks will then ban you. For me, I don’t care. Ban me…..then beg me for your return.

    There was an interview that I watched with Robert Downey, Jr. where the fella asked him what he meant about coming out of jail, and not being able to be a liberal any longer. Ironman crumbled. He let the bully get the best of him. “I don’t know what liberal means”, says he! WTF? He doesn’t realize that with his talent, and box-office power, he very easily could’ve said what Bruce Jenner said: “I’m a Republican”. (Dianne Sawyer’s face was #thepriceispriceless )

    I reckon people are uncomfortable dancing to the beat of their own drum………….unless you got rhythm. 😉

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