What do Brooke Burns, Charles Krauthammer and Freddie Gray Have in Common?

brookeburns3This Baltimore thing has me more than a little pissed.

First we were told that all of this was due to RAAAAACIST WHITE COPS rollin’ and trollin’ for a brutha to beat down. That there was no way that Freddie could have broken his neck inside that paddy wagon (even though people break their necks diving into swimming pools on a frequent basis – like Bruce Willis’ ex-girlfriend Brooke Burns – or even conservative pundit Charles Krauthammer – did).

Then we were told it is about the downtrodden, the poor and the hopeless and how the mean Republicans just wouldn’t pony up more funds for midnight basketball.

Now the legal beagles in Baltimore have charged six cops with some very serious crimes. Initially the media didn’t report their race – which the relationship to the guilt or innocence is immaterial but the racial makeup would seem to critical to supporting the charges of racism. If they were all white, it was a lock.

But they aren’t. Three of the six, and the one most seriously charged, are black. One is even a twofer – a black female.aptopix baltimore pol_mill

In a reasonable, logical world this would mean the narrative just exploded like a tear gas canister at a May Day march – but not in these postmodern, dishonest days. No, my children, this is the Age of Memes. The media adopts an “I guess our job is done here, time to move on” attitude as soon as charges come down and that is that. Curiosity did kill the cat, or so I’m told. I guess the media doesn’t want to take that chance.

Many years ago, I worked with a guy who thought he was the smartest guy in the room – and it didn’t matter which room or how many people were in it. Actually, he KNEW he was the smartest. I used to marvel at how much of a true imbecile he was because he was a true “know nothing” who masked his own ignorance through intimidation and bluster. I remember watching him in action once during a strategy meeting with a mixture of sales and technical people. He was supposed to be responsible for a very specific strategy development and product planning but it was clear he had no idea what to do.

What he did was the equivalent of walking into that conference room with 20 other people with a jigsaw puzzle in a box, proceeded to shake it up and scatter pieces all over the room. He provided so little information that each meeting attendee just had to start trying to put the pieces together that fell in front of them as this guy circled the room looking over each person’s shoulder trying to see if he recognized anything in what they had partially assembled. Of course, he never showed anyone the picture on the box, so no one had any idea what it was supposed to look like.

Piecing anything together was impossible, so the picture he thought he recognized was just what he wanted to see and was not even close to reality…but he ran with it and since he was the smartest guy in the room, nobody challenged him.

This sure feels like what just happened in Baltimore.

Look, I don’t’ doubt that Freddie got roughed up. From the looks of his rap sheet, he was a slow learner. From the frequency of his visits to the hoosegow, I’m guessing that the local cops knew him pretty well. I can imagine the black cops being pissed as hell at him and wanting to tune him up a little to remind him he needed to walk the straight and narrow. I have known black cops who take a really dim view of such small time hoods and the damage they do to the black community.

Brooke Burns21As far as the “rough ride”, Baltimore cops have probably used such a technique on many of CWAthese thugs, both white and black, to decent effect. Either they scared the crap out of the salvageable ones or the unbelted “rough ride” served as a little punishment for a thug the police knew the system was just going to do a little catch and release action on. This time, like Brooke and Charles, Freddie hit the wall, bench or floor in just the right angle with the right force to snap his neck. So far, all the evidence points to the “tune up” and not premeditated murder driven by any sort of racial bias.

The crime here was in the cover-up. I blame them for not coming clean. I blame the city government for allowing itself to be bullied into supporting a narrative when they knew from the get-go that this had nothing to do with racist cops. But in a post-Ferguson, post Eric Garner world where the narrative was already set in concrete, these cops ran straight into a media and a state’s attorney with a jigsaw puzzle in a box who was willing to ignore the picture on the top of the box for political gain while private and public property burned and lives were put at risk.

4 thoughts on “What do Brooke Burns, Charles Krauthammer and Freddie Gray Have in Common?

  1. Nice metaphors. Very well written.

    I think the City government was part of the plan.
    They speak the same Lamont Hill, Tavis Smiley, Cornel West Black liberation theology used to justify rule by the Mob. As one Baltimore resident said of the riots
    ” Peace has lost its credibility” …. as quoted by the New York Times. ( In its ongoing campaign to push the Agenda).

    Because the City government was both bullied and itself is doing its own part to bully the Police Dept and the good citizens of Baltimore. And in doing so it joins with Obama, Holder and their “Open Society Foundation” handlers in undermining American society and the rule of law from the inside.

  2. From an email I received earlier today:

    Here’s the real story behind the injuries of Freddy Gray from the Baltimore City Paper:

    Freddy Gray had a pre-existing spinal and neck injury and had severe damage and scar tissue from an accident that Allstate Insurance was paying him a large structured settlement.

    Freddy had several unsuccessful spinal fusion surgeries, his most recent spinal/cervical operation was a week and a half before he was arrested. Freddy should have been at home in bed resting and
    recovering from recent major operation instead of manufacturing and distributing drugs on the streets and resisting arrest.

    Freddy has a criminal record pages long for manufacturing and distributing controlled dangerous drugs that were cocaine crack heroine etc. along with many assault charges, gun charges, breaking and entering, and the list goes on since he was 18 years old. (Juvenile records are sealed.)

    Look at some of this on http://www.mdjudiciarycasesearch. You will also see where he was trying to cash in his monthly structured settlement for his spinal injury payments to one lump sum through Peachtree Funding, He could have easily fallen in the paddy wagon from the slippery bench to the floor or twisted his fused spine to reopen his recently fused damaged spine. Also, the police that arrested him were also black, not white.

    Why are people destroying their own homes and revenue when they don’t know the whole story? Mostly because it’s a good reason and timing to loot and get new shoes and stolen goods? You got it!

    None of the police officers that arrested Freddy had a history of police brutality. Freddy was a dangerous career felon with a damaged spine and neck that was supposed to be healing a week and a half after surgery, not running the streets committing felonies and resisting arrest.

  3. Either the SAO has the evidence that will substantiate her charges, or this was just a quick move to quell the unrest in her city, which in turn will waste a great many taxpayer dollars on a trial….

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