Donkey Derby Day – Handicapping the Political Race

If one thinks about it, the Democrat candidates for president represent a microcosm of what that party has become – a veritable cornucopia of insanity, collectivism and corruption:


Hillary – greed, corruption, lust for power and disregard for the law
Bernie – frizzy haired in-your-face wild-eyed Marxism


O’Malley – incompetent management of blue state government
Chaffee – feckless, indecisive, milquetoast clueless party switcher
Webb – politically bipolar Reagan Democrat, a Marine struggling to fit in with an anti-military party

Thought about it:

Biden – red nosed political clown with the mannerisms of a perverted sexual predator
Warren – Lieawatha who faked Native American ancestry to snag a $400K a year job so she could complain about income inequality and give birth to the dirty hippies of the Occupy “movement”

Pick your poison, Democrats.

Jim Webb is by far the best choice for the Dems but in a basket filled with this much crazy, he doesn’t have a chance.

One thought on “Donkey Derby Day – Handicapping the Political Race

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