More Lessons From Baltimore

9361003It isn’t just Baltimore. Baltimore is just the most recent example of how progressivism has destroyed the concept of true equality in the name of “progressive equality”. In this case, progressive is to be understood in the sense of the dictionary definition and not the political definition – “happening or developing gradually or in stages; proceeding step by step.”

The riots and aftermath in Baltimore reveals the result when the dictionary and political definition coincide. The most obvious definition of progressive equality comes from George Orwell’s “Animal Farm” when it is expressed in the phase “All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others.” Like the American progressive tax system, there is a concept existing within progressivism where those who appear to be advantaged economically, socially or even now, racially, are somehow required to somehow cede their “equality” to others by being treated in unequal ways. The tax system expects this “equalization” in the form of sliding scales of government tribute, in society, the tribute is anticipated as the acceptance of unequal treatment under the law.

This is yet another of the paradoxes of progressive belief – believing that to create equality, inequality must be employed. The cure for discrimination is more discrimination, the cure for “income inequality” is not to provide a level playing field, it is to tilt it through wealth and income redistribution – but all of these attempts to create equality requires an unnatural force, some arbitrary authority, to put its finger on the scales and not only to tip them to one side or the other but by how much and for how long. This can never work for the same reasons that the economic central planning of socialism cannot work – we are individuals, not automatons. We are real people with an infinite diversity of abilities, capabilities, needs, wants and desires. We are not imitations of life, we are life itself.

Equality is a facet of natural law. It only exists at a particular moment in time as a comparison between individuals when all conditions are equal. This is why the Founders wrote in the Declaration of Independence: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal…” because from that moment forward, our pursuit and achievement of life, liberty and happiness is based on desire, effort, intellect and circumstances – which because we are individuals are decidedly unequal. To believe equality can be created is to believe that some arbitrary authority can control every single variable of nature at every moment and for all time.

Of course, this is impossible – to say to two people standing in front of the scales that I am going to take from one side to give to the other to balance the scales immediately creates in inequality between the two. The best any authority can do is to protect an environment where there is true equality of opportunity, where there are 1) minimal restrictions on personal and economic liberty and 2) minimal laws and regulations and 3) maximizing equal protections under those laws. Arbitrary authorities (in this case, governments) can never guarantee equality of outcome, they can only and unnaturally make the outcomes “equal” through inequity – a fallacy and a logical impossibility.

The minute any arbitrary authority tips the scales in favor of one group or the next, it sets off a cascade of intended and unintended consequences which will demand even more action from it. Sooner or later it must try to tip the scales from the other side resulting not in stability – but a permanent state of oscillation. This process does not create equality, it creates instability. It must be understood the arbitrary authority does this on purpose because instability cements a permanent role for it in managing the scales.

The right answer is to simply take the finger off the scales and let them balance themselves – because they will naturally do that when people on one side realize what they must do to move to the other side. Government intervention through any sort of redistribution blinds people to that reality, it creates the false belief that equality can be gifted or given by taking from one and giving to the other. Even in this action, inequality is created because anything gifted is never valued as much as something earned. Anything repeatedly gifted becomes expected without the effort required to create it – someone else has to expend that effort. This is the most unequal of inequalities and is the very root of the real and perceived “inequalities” and supposed lack of “social justice” in America today.

If people are truly interested in equality, they must realize that the answer is less government, less regulation, less laws – essentially a return of the federal government to the limits of the powers enumerated in our Constitution. The fact is that anyone who claims to be interested in “equality” and “justice” while shouting for more government and control is an imbecile, a liar – or a tyrant. The fact that this is common language in the progressive community should be illustrative of their true motivation and identity.

Any entity that promises you it can balance the scales for you is only interested in a permanent job managing the scales and the power over you that job brings.

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