The Pam Geller Story Illustrates EVERYTHING That Is Wrong With The Politically Correct Agenda

The Oil for Your Lamp

I cannot remember the last story I saw in the news that so perfectly and completely illustrates the problems created by the politically correct agenda as that of the Pam Geller/Muhammad cartoon contest/Texas shooting story.  I just wonder how many Americans can see everything this story holds and, of those who can still see and understand it, how many have bothered to take enough time to reflect on it so that they can see it all?  It was this question that prompted this post: not whether or not people will understand, but do they even care anymore?  I do not wish to presume anything about you, my dear reader.  So, if you will allow me, I will address as much of this story as I can as though I am talking to myself.  Please read this post in that light: as a conversation between me and the man in my…

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