TRUTH: Glenn Has It Wrong — AGAIN!

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Glenn Beck has announced that he is writing a book about Islam that is due to be released this summer.  I strongly suggest this book will be a waste of your time and money on your part.  I say this because Glenn keeps trying to create something that does not exist.  Today, Glenn continued trying to make a ‘good’ Islam and a ‘radical’ Islam.  This is proof positive that Beck simply does not understand Islam.  So, one more time, let me try to explain what Beck is missing.

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4 thoughts on “TRUTH: Glenn Has It Wrong — AGAIN!

  1. I am GENUINELY grateful for Beck’s continued expose of the destructive Progressive agenda. And for his elucidating the Octopus of interconnecting Foundations, gov’t agencies and Academic and Media personalities that are involved in pushing this agenda.

    America needs to hear this and have it exposed now more than ever because events are unfolding at a rapid pace.

    But his continued push for equating the messages of Jesus, Bonhoeffer, Gandhi, and MLK as a guide for people is to put it mildly….disconcerting.

    -MLK was a Marxist. ( for just one example :Stanley Levinson was his speech writer and rally organizer and Close associate). One can see all the “Social Justice” and “economic Justice” from King’s speeches and writings in the rioters comments from both Ferguson and Baltimore ( as well as the various Occupy riots like the burning of Oakland…). And it is well known that outsider Communist organizers are behind all of these events. MLK talked of violence IF the demands of “economic Justice “etc weren’t met. The Baltimore/Ferguson rioters echo the very same MLK words and threats.

    -Gandhi….. I listened to a Jona Goldberg speech wherein he Quotes Gandhi’s “advice” to the British and the Jews during and before the Nazi onslaught . Gandhi told the British they should surrender before they even put up any defense ( out of some attempt at peace)…. and he “advised” the Jews that they should commit mass Suicide. Goldberg emphasized Gandhi gave no “advice” to the Nazis whatsoever…… not even “thou shall not kill”.

    Now Beck is strongly recommending that Americans, especially those he calls “Bubbas” ( a term which I’m sure endears him to his HuffPo and CNN friends to no end)…. He is imploring that these Bubbas embrace these two men’s approaches in conjunction with Bonhoeffer and his ( Beck’s) own interpretation of Jesus message. The Bubbas he is refering to are those members of American society that have the means and motivation to try and Protect and Preserve the Basic Natural Rights embodied within our Bill of Rights.

    That he claims his “revelation of the “Bubba affect” came DIRECTLY from Special Operations Command should give everyone pause considering the recent *Jade Helm 15* ….uhmmm “Excercises” wherein the Southwest ( Texas, Utah AZ, NM and Southern Calif ) are labeled ” Hostile Territory “. And where the very same Special Ops forces are the participants….which Includes ” infiltrating amongst the Local Citizenry”. And “practicing” detaining and “transporting” a rebellious population.

    While Beck is Correct about the Juggernaut of Federal attempts at Federalizing the Local Police ( and Local Courts I might add), and that social unrest is the Excuse they will use to create a US Federal Government Stasi Police controlled by the Marxist Progressives from Washington; his solution calls for complete Stand-down to the demand of the Marxist Rioters and a stance similar to Gandhi’s advice in face of the 1930s National Socialists.

    Odd that the Special Ops Soldiers would have been so worried about “Bubba” citizens so long ago…..Planning for it from 2004 as he claims….rather than being concerned about the slide into Tyranny from the gov’t and those who would and DID ignore and thus Destroy our Constitutional protections from this Tryanny of Both the Mob and the Lawless gov’t.

    Perhaps “odd” should be replaced with a different adjective …. one not constrained by Political Correctness.

    • Don,

      See, everything you just detailed belongs under the general heading: Matters of ‘Spirit/Faith.’ This is why I do not listen to Beck on such issues. As a Mormon, he believes in an ‘all roads get to heaven’ view, and that simply defies Scripture and reason.

      So I try to keep the baby and throw our the dirty bath water 🙂

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