Mission Compossible

This afternoon, I read one of sweet M’s posts, and became confused. He used the word compossible. I figured it was an idiom to Tom Cruise’s latest movie, and I had been left outta the loop. Turns out it’s a Mississippi-ism known only to boys who reside in Utah. (Yeah, we’re all screwed.)

Well, it turns out, (at least, by my interpretation) that the word means that we should all manage to live harmoniously amongst one another by natural rights. No, it’s not the Age of Aquarius…. although, I must confess that in my mind, I heard an aria whilst reading it. Dunno why. Nah, yeah, maybe, I do…..

“Tristan adored Isolde with unrequited ardor, for there was nothing harder, than Queen Isolda’s heart. Tristan in desperation, sought out a wise magician, who had him drink a potion; a magic elixir of love… And she lived for Tristan only; for Tristan…..remaining ever true. It was such a magic potion, I would love to try it too, if I only had a notion what was in that magic brew!”


In other words, the compossible could be impossible by the reality that many were given the magic potion in order that they remain as true as Isolde is to Tristan. (Guess who the wise magician is….) I fear the sheep will always trust the wolf and in turn be eaten.


Alas! We mustn’t neglect the music! Here we are then: At the 6:30 mark Adina’s aria from Donizetti’s L’elisir d’amore. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BAYeJtrMk8M&list=PL54C0292BB7DE2A52


As an aside, this is an awfully funny opera you should catch…..Adina is singing the above lyrics…

4 thoughts on “Mission Compossible

  1. Oh, for cryin out loud! It’s not a flippin word! Besides that, you silly boys failed to follow my nutty train of thought. I shall explain it if need be; it’s compossible.

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