Stake Dinner

I’m not a betting woman, per se, but when I am; I am usually spot on. While I would’ve never predicted American Pharoah to win (don’t watch sports), I can easily predict Warren diving into the presidential race. I could be wrong……but deep down, I feel that I shall win my stake of a perfectly rare filet mignon steak. Oh, and it will be the mother of all food porn pics when it’s all said and done.…… unless the liberal loser does not know how to cook! Crap. I could really be screwing myself in this bet! No worries. I’ll have silly Steve buy the meat, and I shall teach him the art of grilling.

And the rest of you? Don’t think Warren’s gonna run? Wanna bet? I’ll cook if I lose. Actually, I’ll cook if I win. Will I win? Hmmm….. what does my horrrorscope say?

Thank you……………drive thru.

Eliza will run. I will eat steak. All will be well with the universe. So let it be done so let me be fed.

Talk Amongst Yourselves:

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