Conservatism Resurgent: The World Turns Right


Across the globe, in elections in the United Kingdom, Israel, America, India, France, South Korea among others, the people have begun to rise up against the forces of authoritarianism, the forces of hatred and the forces of division, turning their backs on the leftist, secular, divisive ideology and the parties and the corrupt politicians – Socialists, Progressives, Liberals and Democrats – who represent it. Increasingly voters are turning right, returning to conservatism that harbors values and ideas that form the foundations of morality, ethics, liberty and freedom.

In America, the Republican party benefited from the rise of the Tea Party – a grassroots response to the excessive authoritarianism of the Obama regime. The advent of the Tea Party heralded the return of Conservatism not only to the halls of Congress, but to local municipalities and state houses across the land in 2010, continuing in 2012 and 2014. While the media and the Left claim…

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2 thoughts on “Conservatism Resurgent: The World Turns Right

  1. This was a great Article. People should go to your site and read it !
    We are too insulated in the US to what is happening Politically in the rest of the world.

    The SNP landslide is a bit of a problem, as they are the Left Leaning Social Democrat party ( their own description on their Policy Website) in Scotland. They embrace Scottish Independence.
    Independence ( Secession) is a good thing but NOT if co-opted by Communists.

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