Time Is Short; Please Do Not Dismiss The Signs

The Oil for Your Lamp

Earlier today, I heard some people mocking the idea that people are hearing the trumpets of the apocalypse.  Apparently, people have been reporting mysterious sounds in the sky.  It is been happening for ten years now, and has been reported all over the world.  There are even recordings of the sounds.  So far, no one has been able to identify them, or explain what is causing them.  But when some suggest that these sounds good be connected to the trumpets of the apocalypse, most people dismiss it and laugh at the idea.  That’s what the people I heard today were doing.  For your own sake, do not join them.  Learn about God and how He works.  “I didn’t know” will not be an excuse on judgment day.  His warnings have been showing up everywhere, and His appointed watchmen have been sounding the alarm, but most people are ignoring them.  Please…

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5 thoughts on “Time Is Short; Please Do Not Dismiss The Signs

    • LOL, Don,

      A good friend of mine loves Alex Jones, and he gets on my case about not using his site more than I do. I have tried to explain to my friend that I do not use Jones or InfoWars because of his tendency to go off the deep end. HOWEVER, this does NOT mean that Jones is wrong. In fact, he is often correct about many of the things he posts. The problem is, he throws in enough junk to discredit himself. If he were to hold to a bit stricter standard, he may well be able to rival Beck for Internet audience.

      But, in this case, something BIG is about to happen. I do not know or claim to know what, but I sure see the signs of the season and I am doing my best to sound the alarm (BTW: in ancient Hebrew cultures, the alarm is sounded with a shofar! 😉 )

      • Alex is a Canary in the Coal mine….. sometimes I wonder if his “oddities” are what allow him to remain exposing a deeper Truth.

        But things are definitely Heating up ! The perpetually “hopeful” and asleep will say ..
        ” Well…Shofar….nothing Big has happened…right ?”
        Insuring that when it does it will be TOO late…… and they will then just say UH OH , as it is this is the only UH OH they are interested in !!!

    • The woman speaking is Karen Vaughn whose SEAL Son was killed after the raid on Bin Laden and the leaks given to the taliban by the Obama Admin and Joe Biden.

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