A Modest Proposal for Religious Conservatives


Conservatives – especially those of you whose religious beliefs form the basis of your views – must know by now that your time is almost up. While you’ve dominated society for a long time, your dominance has been eroded and undermined over time, from within and without. You are no longer the juggernaut you once were.

You once were free to think and act as you chose, imposing your antiquated, patriarchal and discriminatory views of freedom, religion, families and society upon the rest of us. You acted as if your view of the world was the only possible one, refusing to accept all the others.

Now, our time has come. We grow daily. Our values and ideas have taken root, and the younger generations know only our version of the truth. Every day, fewer people hold onto outdated faiths, embracing the clean, measurable sterility of understanding the universe through science. Every…

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Talk Amongst Yourselves:

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