One thought on “Remember the Fallen

  1. I have an uncle, Lt. Don R. Willey, that died when his plane was shot down over Egypt on July 16, 1943. There were 8 soldiers on the plane and he was the navigator. When it was obvious that the plane was going to crash and it was determined that there were only 6 parachutes on board, Don and the pilot made the other 6 use them and bail out. Only 2 of them lived thru the rest of the war and both of them went to South Dakota to see my grandmother, Don’s mom after they got home. They both wanted to make sure my grandmother knew about how Don had helped to save their lives. My wife and I got to see his grave site in Nettuno, Italy at an US Armed Forces graveyard, in March 2013 when we were visiting Rome. The graveyard look almost exactly like the one Mike posted above. Beautiful and unbelievably well kept up.

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