The Fantastic Four

Currently, I hear music in my head with four of the 2016 presidential candidates.

I’ll start with Scott Walker. Here is a boy being dissed for no college degree, yet turned the state of WI around, despite being wrongly attacked without merit (twice) by unrelenting, unethical, and very persistent Dems that should like to see his brat cooked……after soaking it in beer, of course. I hear this in him:

On the other side of the aisle, Hillary Clinton’s voice is that of the people…..or so she claims, but she deleted her e-mails so…. who knows? She regurgitates the ideology spoken loud and clear by the media, in honour of his majesty’s teat, to which neither she nor they can relinquish or recuse. She will always follow the parasitic path, and go along with the help of another of her ilk, who is just as full of BS as she:

Now that I’ve bathed, I’ll move on. Ted Cruz seems a wild card. I believe he is. He won’t go along with his ilk at all times as he abides by the will of the People. I also believe he would be the best president in this time as he 1) scares the wholly bejaysus out of Dems. 2) He is fearless. 3) He will intellectually crush the other candidates and any retarded liberal moderator (think Snuffleupagus, er, Stephanopoulos) in a debate. 4) He has an intense passion to make the right things happen. What I hear is a hot, crackling fire in the summer which, due to its intense heat, is about to spread:

One of my favourite candidates on the scene is Dr. Ben Carson. He is on a whole different playing field than the others. In politics, he is the musical version of Jessye Norman. She was the poor southern black girl who started from nothing, then kicked the world’s ass singing opera! He did the same in the medical field. Who can deny that he cannot do the same in politics? A leader transitioning from one field to another is still a leader. Sometimes in life, the most brilliant lights that shine and lead the way are right before your very eyes. In other words, with Carson, I hear Norman (don’t need no rap in the hood when your shit is this good………………….word):











5 thoughts on “The Fantastic Four

    • Have to say I’ve not heard that number….then again, I’m a bit of a stranger to Alice……….unless she’s 10 ft. tall. One thing that bugs me is that snakes get a really bad rap. I tell you, these are great pets! They are so sweet, and yet they are demonized. While it is not fun feeding them the poor mice, that is natural……feed your head.

      • I had a house for a while near where Grace Slick “retired”…… she done got fat !! Feeding more than just her head.

        • No one can resist your Huckleberry Pie….

          I didn’t answer your question. I just realized that……yes, I’m slow. I suppose it becomes more an interpretation of the song to do so.The way I interpret Dead Babies is that of a mindset who doesn’t hold life sacred. I reckon they’re both of the pro-choice ilk, and made of the same cloth…..only he’s got a penis, and she has a fading tribal tattoo.

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