Let’s talk about sex, baby

Antonio Banderas and Hugh Jackman with me……………… at the same time. Under Shar’ia law, this deviant sexual act could never happen. Thankfully, the US still obeys (for the most part) the US Constitution, which means…………………………. I’ve still got a shot!

Yesterday, I was at this site called http://thereligionofpeace.com/ . It has several informative links, so I started reading one that had to do with sex under Shar’ia law.

If you are a male, I could see where Shar’ia would be desirable. A woman is for the sole purpose to serve your needs, and bear your children. Her only recompense is the dowry she is initially paid. She must shave her pubic hair and wash her hair so that she will be ready to please at her husband’s whim. She cannot leave the house unless she is accompanied by her husband or a guardian. She must be covered in public lest the sight of her arms incite a man to rape her, in which case the fault would be hers.

A woman may have sister wives if the husband wishes to marry another. Polygamy is legal, as is sleeping with your wives and/or slaves at the same time. Yes, Allah’s fine with an orgy, so long as it stays in the family.

You know what else is legal? Prostitution. Shhhhh…….it’s not called that. It’s a marriage contract as you pay a mahr (dowry) which is good for up to three days, then it expires, and you are divorced. Ta-da!

Now, a sin worse than murder is homosexuality; or more specifically, sodomy. I’m pretty sure lesbianism is tolerated. I would imagine during their orgies, the men would encourage lesbian acts to stimulate their own experience. The only thing free on a woman is her anus. Reckon Allah figured he was all merciful sparing her that pain in the ass.

Oh and pedophilia (oops, marital coitus with a minor) is legal and encouraged. An infant may be married, and the husband may fondle her. He cannot have intercourse until she is of age (typically 9 years old.) It makes perfect sense that 9-year-old Aisha was ready for a roll in the hay with the 52-year-old Mohammed, right?

When I read about these laws, for the life of me, I cannot understand how the west is considered evil and sexually deviant. Also, I cannot understand how any Muslim woman in the US would want Shar’ia law here. There are Muslim women here that do. Yikes! Obviously, they’ve never seen Antonio and Hugh…..

21 thoughts on “Let’s talk about sex, baby

  1. I’m with you Kels, but I’d like to swap out Antonio for Andy Garcia, who has been married to the same woman for over 20 years. I find that very sexy!

  2. Huh….interesting…..Sharia and all.
    Does it say anything about making a fella a sandwich or at least a cup of coffee though….. I mean the fine print can be a bitch.

  3. WE could Heroes Hon ….. :- ))
    ……. as long as you are a Sharia Sistah……( you ain’t a muzzie right ?)

  4. But addressing what you say here :

    “.. I cannot understand how any Muslim woman in the US would want Shar’ia law here. There are Muslim women here that do. Yikes!.. ”

    I think the refusal to see the Truth about the repression, horrific abuse and actual enslavement of women in islam by muslim women in the US ( and most Liberals), is akin to Liberals and Socialists in general refusing to acknowledge the the Nazis were themselves proud Socialists.

    Some characterize it as deep denial. Others would say it is because of a deeper agenda.

    • The former, deep denial……………… besides; they’re too dumb for a deeper agenda as self gratification doesn’t require much thought, while alternately, the true love of one’s fellow man requires work.

      Very cool that you grasped my inference in the video. Now I just I really wish I knew how the hello to make videos big like the boys. My husband told me how to do this once, but I’ve forgotten, and am too proud to ask again for fear I’ll likely forget again. Truth be told, I think one of the boys told me how to do this too!! Ugh! Honestly, I believe I must have some sort of subconscious AI issues which causes a tech-tardation. Why else haven’t I read the suggested book from my son by Kurzweiler?

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