True Confession: The only television watching I do is at night when I watch a pre-recorded program. Well, last night I told my husband to turn on the Fox channel because Megyn Kelly was interviewing this Duggar couple. I’ve never seen this show about this couple with a hundred kids, but I always read their names in the news. This is what piqued my curiosity.

My husband and son were watching some horror flick so he made it to where I could watch the show from the computer. Wow. I could never figure out how to do that, so I found it very cool……except that I couldn’t fast forward the commercials…. Losing my train of thought again…..um, Oh, Yes!

Now then, this couple, the Duggars, have had 19 children. (This was actually common in the good ole days….jes sayin.) I guess their show is based on good morals, &c., and seems to be very popular. That all came to an abrupt halt by the media…..

Apparently, the tabloid magazine called the In Touch told the sordid tale of one of the Duggar children. This boy was 14 and molested his siblings and a friend. These Duggar parents were freaked out totally 100%. The incidents were reported, and the boy and girls went through 3 years of counseling. Everyone was happy, and the records were sealed.

Lo and behold, when there’s a dime to be made off of one’s fortune (or misfortune) you can bet your sweet ass the sneaky snakes will come a-slithering……

A teenager’s records were magically, deliciously unsealed. I hope the Duggar couple sues the shit out of these unethical (not to mention illegal) creatures. By no means am I excusing the boy’s actions, but the parents went through the proper means of treating him and the abused girls.

Just for kicks, let’s flip this one. Let’s look at this actor called Lena Dunham. I’ve not seen her show, but have read plenty on her. She molested her sister and wrongfully accused a boy of rape. Not one damn consequence in response to her actions by her parents or the media. WTF? (Liberal parenting, 101, I guess………… and Media Butt-Kissing 101.)

In closing it appears this Duggar show is to be cancelled while this Dunham show carries on. If the hypocrisy of the left isn’t blatantly obvious to you; you seriously need glasses…………….or an enema.

30 thoughts on “SWAK

  1. Lena Dunham was SEVEN, and she talked about the incident in her book. The Duggars, hypocritical slime that they are, pretended that their kid , who was 14, had not fondled his sisters, until the truth came out. Until the kid’s ‘perfidy’ was exposed, the Duggars prreached their brand of uber-holiness, that God smiled more on them than those other people without trust funds and unpaid power bills.
    I put ‘perfidy’ in between diacritical marks because , well, kids will be their curious selves. What Duggar did was not not extraordinary, and he was caught and taught why what he did was not appropriate. It is the hypocrisy that gets to me, and the hypocrisy is on the right, for using different standards when one of their own is outed.

    • What are you talking about? They reported it to the authorities, and the kids all received counseling. As juveniles, these records were sealed so that as adults the boy would not be punished again for crimes he had already been punished for as a teen, and the girls would not be punished by the hurtful reminder of when they were children. Why in the hello would they reopen these wounds on national television?
      If as adults, the kids wished to be candid about it, that is their choice as it was Dunham’s and her now lesbian sister. (Dunno if her abuse had anything to do with it, but it’s an interesting aside, nonetheless.)

      So while the Duggar family felt that this was a reprehensible act, the Dunham family felt it was perfectly natural. I feel the true hypocrisy is that the media condemns the one who paid for his crimes, yet praises the other who didn’t.

      Off topic now; I’m gonna go see that show at KT this Sunday. Apparently this is a compilation of one acts. If you care to join us, please know that I will bathe. #truth

      • Speaking the Truth to Evil. Is ALWAYS a good thing, thus your response was perfect.

        Standing up to even banal and pedestrian versions of “The Prince who is to Come” is important.

      • The girl wasseven, kells, big difference between 7 and 14. the Real hypocrisy is the duggars self-righteous condemnation of others who don’t love Jesus enough, or whatever.

        • I saw that you skipped right over the FALSE accusation of rape….waytogo. ( you get a liberal 101 ATTABOY)

          • Thanks for the ‘Attaboy’, back atcha for not acknowledging that I pulled the rug from under Kells allegations.

            I have yet to see any statement by Lena wherein she calls what happened rape. Her account is a disturbing testimonial, wherein she justifies what is happening by pretending to enjoy it, she felt somewhat responsible for what occurred.
            If you have a link to any statement by her that she was raped, please forward it to me.

            • The rape case is in her book, and when she was in college. She was threatened with a lawsuit by the boy she falsely accused, and her publisher back-peddled faster than the speed of light….google the story, baby.

              • Why does it have to be a false accusation? She may not have gone to the police when the attack occurred. If you are referring to the case where she went along with the rough, unwanted sex, she doesn’t call that a rape. Many rape victims don’t come forward at the time, you know that.
                Are you, by any chance, allowing your palpable disgust for liberal thinking to override any sympathy for the girl? I mean, calling a seven-year old girl a pervert makes me question your sense of perspective

              • Why does it have to be a false accusation? She may not have gone to the police when the attack occurred. If you are referring to the case where she went along with the rough, unwanted sex, she doesn’t call that a rape. Many rape victims don’t come forward at the time, you know that.
                Are you, by any chance, allowing your palpable disgust for liberal thinking to override any sympathy for the girl? I mean, calling a seven-year old girl a pervert makes me question your sense of perspective.
                As for the ‘rape lie’, did you even read past the right-wing headline, girl? The controversy was over her use of a pseudonym and a description that fit a real person, although her intent was to place the emphasis on her reactions and feelings after the incident, not to find or ID the perp. In Lena’s own words…..

                To be very clear, “Barry” is a pseudonym, not the name of the man who assaulted me, and any resemblance to a person with this name is an unfortunate and surreal coincidence. I am sorry about all he has experienced.
                Speaking out was never about exposing the man who assaulted me. Rather, it was about exposing my shame, letting it dry out in the sun. I did not wish to be contacted by him or to open a criminal investigation.
                I had never heard of Lena before this post, I find her to be gutsy and brave, but then, I have no agenda here except cutting through the usual right-wing hate-inspired vitriol, and find the truth. You should try it sometime.

                • That “response” came after she was called out. This was all over the news….. As far as any vitriol on my part it would only be due to the fact that she made her “sexual assault” — let’s be pedantic as it is common with progressives — claims against a specific individual having a specific name and a specific (conservative) ideology. It was only after a threatened lawsuit by the said accused individual that she made this public announcement that you posted. Quite frankly, I don’t believe she was ever raped……………but what would a conservative girl know about being raped, right?

                  As to her curiosity as a child; let me be frank; I have three sisters, and never thought of fingering them when I was seven. Was this common sense? Was this the morals that were taught to me? I dunno, but I do know that if I had ventured there, I would’ve received the same ass-crackin that I received for bullying them.(Yes, I was the cruel, older sister.) In a world of no punishment, mischief will abound. Obviously, the punishment of a minor should be the same as what the Duggars did; counseling. So, no; I am not unsympathetic of a child.

                  To be honest, G., I think you are long overdue for an ass-crackin……………but conservative girls don’t know nuthin bout that either, right?

                    • The real shame is that none of you pseudo- patriots bothered to post a god-damned thing about D-Day! I see that Utah did post on the subject 2 weeks ago, he needs to get on his minions, tell them to remember the men living and dead, who fought for your right to demean the character of an outspoken young lady.

                    • Typical deflection…(ahhh I lost that one but na na na na na. ) you forgot to post ________ fill in the blank.

        • I disagree. I feel that the act of molestation of a non-consenting minor is wrong at any age.

          As I mentioned, I have not ever seen the show, so I can’t really comment as to their condemnation of child molesters on their program. If they did, it would’ve been a great opportunity to share their own plight in order to help others.

          • Are you aware that this molested sister is her tour manager, that she gave her permission for Lena to tell the story? Lena was seven, for christ sake! Stop letting your political leanings override common sense

          • Here is how they responded to the news about their kids, they threw their followers under the church van! http://reverbpress.com/news/jim-bob-duggar-molestation-common-christian-families-video/

            I would say that Ms. Dunham is in good company, all these wholesome christians with their, by your standards, deplorable actions in their past. Or maybe kids being curious is not a test for liberalism, as you quick-to-point-fingers types seem to believe.

            What would Jesus think of such unthinking and, frankly, quite stupid, condemnation of the actions of a 7-year old?
            Sorry if that hurts anybody’s feelings, but you need to be forced of this self-righteous box you people have willingly crowded into.

            • Admittedly, I have never heard of this Quivererfull sect of Christianity as I do not watch the show. If this is common in these families, they should do as the Duggars did, and report it to the authorities as the boy was of an age of understanding (unless he was mentally underdeveloped).

              I sincerely feel that pedophilia is wrong at any age, especially if committed by adults. A child of seven should receive some wise counseling by his/her parents without the involvement of the authorities.

              Ironically, while the siblings have forgiven their abusers in both the Duggar and Dunham cases, the media only condemns one because they are Christian. Newsflash: Christians are sinners. We are not Jesus Christ, but we try to emulate His goodness.

              If this family made comments to the contrary on their show, I will stand corrected. Sheesh! I guess I need to find and watch this show…….it’s just that my own family is far more entertaining….

  2. I apologize for the immature outburst. I shouldn’t comment when my brain has been pummeled by cheap whiskey.
    Your analogy is far from appropriate, forgiveness does not imply friendship or a willingness to party or work with the forgiven. And the crimes referred to are far different in degree. Forgiveness doesn’t enter into a rape case such as Polanski’s, he is scum to me. But he raped a girl when he was in his forties, Lena did something that any unsupervised kid aged seven might do, if you disagree, I suggest that maybe your memory of your youth is spotty or selective.
    The Duggar kid, I have sympathy as well for his pecadillo, being brought up in such a self-righteous, hidebound family. Their hypocrisy, the pretense that they are so much better than unchristians is what irks people.

    • So lay off the cheap stuff and indulge in, at least , middle shelf potables. Otherwise , you might as well make your own in the bathtub…. I suggest Eagle Rare 10 YO or Buffalo Trace ( Jim Murray labels both among the great whiskies of the world),…oh wait…I read that American Progressives prefer not to drink American Whiskey…better go for 18 YO Chivas….or perhaps Black Bush.

      • I prefer the Balvenie, but the prices these days! A hiking buddy buddy capped a trip by passing ’round a pint of Rebel Yell. I am a fan now.

        • If Rebel Yell floats your boat, you might want to try “Fighting Cock” or 1783…both in the $12 a fifth ( excuse me …750 ml) range…but for about $20 a fifth you can go to Weller Special Reserve…a smooth (the original wheated) bourbon. $40 a half gallon.

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