They Will Kill You Because they ‘Love’ You

The Oil for Your Lamp

Whether you believe it or not, there is a God.  He is not dead.  He created this world and He reigns from on high.  He also set laws by which His creation is governed.  Whether they be Natural Law or Revealed Law, they are real and they are faithfully enforced.  But God is merciful, so He has designed His laws so that they allow us time to learn from our mistakes while there is still time to correct our hearts.  However, if we refuse to learn or to accept that He is God; if we chose instead to rebel and to reject Him and His Laws, then Scripture says He will give us over to our depravity.  And depravity it is.  How else could a person believe in their heart that they are justified in ruling over the lives of many because they ‘love’ them?  If not depravity, then what…

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