ISIS Was NOT Created By The U.S.

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I have been reading stories about Americans blaming America for the creation of ISIS.  I do not mean to be rude, but if you believe that, you do not know enough about Islam to be making public comments about current events in the Middle East.  ISIS has nothing to do with the U.S. — period!  If there had never been a U.S., ISIS would have still come to be, just maybe in a different form.  We are not dealing with the effects of U.S. policy here as much as we are dealing with Islamic prophecy, and we in the West had better learn this and learn it fast!  Islam teaches that you must believe in ‘The Last days.’  If you do not, you are an apostate and are to be killed immediately.  If you believe in the Islamic ‘Last Days,’ then you believe that all the earth was once Muslim…

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3 thoughts on “ISIS Was NOT Created By The U.S.

  1. Absolutely Correct.

    And Obama and John McCain and Lindsey Graham merely used the nascent ISIS movement to try and oust Syria’s Assad. Because Saudi Arabia wants to export Natural Gas to Europe in Competition with Russian interests via Ukraine.

    In fact the Obama / McCain Cabal is STILL trying to do it, now by claiming collusion between ISIS and Assad.

    Obama knows the goals and history of islam let’s just say “intimately”. He is on record as saying he would( Will ) side with islam in a conflict. In fact it is in one of his books. So the whole push for the Arab Spring was with the understanding of islam’s “last Days” beliefs.

    It is very “curious” that Iraqi forces have noted with alarm the multiple and continuing “mistakes” in US military forces dropping weapons to ISIS in Iraq. What a way to hasten those “Last Days” …. of course these are all just “mistakes” in the drop zones.

    • Don,

      I watch what people DO — not what they say. I have become convinced Obama is not only Muslim, but Shi’a Muslim. That means he is a traitor to this nation, and so are every one of the people in the House who have not filed for articles of impeachment — ALL of them! There is not an innocent one among them.

      That said, the nations of the world will get drunk on her wine — the Great Harlot. Oil seems to have made the leaders of this whole world mad with depravity…

      • Sadly yes. The “House of Lords” in DC is recapitulating the antics of The House of Hanover with a caliph substituting for a ‘mad’ king George.

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