Pool Crashers and Diet Coke Ninjas

Two stories that really disturb me are the cop from Texas going full-nutter on a teen, and the stewardess who figured the Muslim woman passenger was gonna assault her with a Diet Coke.

In the first story, you’ve got a case of some kids having a private swim party. Apparently, some uninvited children climbed the fence to the pool, and a fight broke out. There appears to have been several calls to law enforcement from the invited and concerned party-goers.

On the video, the cops barked out orders, and the kids, for the most part, obeyed…..but the few that didn’t were unexpectedly greeted with foul language, brutal force, and a drawn weapon by one cop. Not exactly how to handle the entitlement generation, imo. (My experience is that kids these days do not listen to anyone in authority.)

Honestly, as one who must deal with teens on a daily basis, I find it best to just remove their treasured and hallowed (paid for by parents) cell phones (it’s amazing what can be accomplished under this cruel and unusual punishment.) I just felt that the cop was overboard. Is it society today? Je ne sais pas. I just know that teens seem to be really great at haggling, and it’s a far more civilized solution.

Now the other story is about this poor Muslim woman that just wanted an unopened Diet Coke on a flight. The stewardess told her no, as it could be used as a weapon, then proceeded to give the man next to her an unopened can of beer. This story just proves to me that diet drinks are far more dangerous than alcoholic ones.

Seriously, this is weird. Also some other passenger (whether jokingly or not) said that she was Muslim, and she would in fact use that Diet Coke as a weapon, and then proceeded to curse her out. This is a fallacy of course, as a Diet Coke is not the real thing.

The reality is that the situation could’ve been handled the way every flight attendant handles me: They pop my can. I don’t ask them to, they just do. Obviously, the stewardess hasn’t popped enough cans in her travels. She purposefully created a drama with her non-poppin ways, I think.

The most interesting thing to me about these two stories is that we are only hearing one side of the story with regard to these incidents via the media. Is this intentional?

UPDATE: Well, well, well! Mr. Kells read this and disagrees with me. He tells me that if a man has a badge and a gun, you must do as he says. He also says he gets his beer un-popped when he flies because flight attendants are either girls or gays. WTF? (Sometimes my husband truly challenges my patience….)

Is he right? Am I right? Or do we both lack the required evidence to make a sound judgement?

10 thoughts on “Pool Crashers and Diet Coke Ninjas

  1. 1. The cop busting the pool party. Your husband is correct, “if a man has a badge and a gun, you must do as he says.” But this cop was WAY over the limit with his policing. There had to have been something that didn’t show up on the video that upset him or he was the example of a cop that needed to have his badge removed and his ass kicked. I am certain that he will never be back in uniform again. The ambulance chasing lawyers will be lining up to represent all the swimmers in lawsuits.

    2. What I understood about this situation was that the Muslim woman was in the “cheap” seats of the plane, and those folks don’t get a WHOLE can of soda. They get about a third of one over ice in a glass. However, it might have calmed down a issue to just give her an unopened can of soda. I will be asking for a whole one the next time I fly “coach” to see if rules have changed.

    • I’m starting to see more and more of the cop thing…not so much on the coke thing. I do think that as a society we are led to draw a verdict without all of the evidence. This bugs me…

  2. There was a whole lot more to the Officer story in McKinney. A lot of kids disobeying the officer for many minutes prior to the tiny bit shown on the video. Plus the girl in question doubled back twice. The two male teens appeared to be going for the officer’s gun from behind. I think he thought and felt he was in a potential gang-up situation where he would be disarmed and possibly shot.

    Then he over-reacted by sitting on the girl too long. If someone is non-compliant and consistently hostile ( which the girl showed herself to be even on the snipet of tape shown ad nauseam) one method of take-down is pulling on hair to put them in a prone position.

    To me it looks like a group of bad-mouthed and hostile teens looking to cause trouble and then act out as Obama and the race-baitors have taught them to do.

    As to the muzzie and the soda ….. apparently things DON’T go better with Coke. Whodda thunk ! Them being the most peaceful people on the planet and all.

    • Exactly Flasawdust !!

      Thanks for putting this up. I’m sure it is sour grapes for the “haters” that down-voted my observations.

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