McDonald’s Proves U.S. Now A Fascist Nation Heading Toward Communism

The Oil for Your Lamp

What McDonald’s has just done proves that ‘Big Business’ is not in charge of this nation.  Corporations are not running our government; our government is running big business. As long as a nation retains a sense of nationalism (patriotism and/or defense of its borders), this is the operative definition of Fascism.  This is not a matter of opinion, it is a fact.  If we will look at what is actually happening in America and compare it to the definition of Fascism, we will find current events match perfectly with that definition.  McDonald’s is just the latest example proving that we have become a Fascist nation, but it is also one of the clearest.  If do not believe it, please continue reading.

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2 thoughts on “McDonald’s Proves U.S. Now A Fascist Nation Heading Toward Communism

  1. Facsist connections complete.
    The Socialist government toady Gibbs serving as the “eyes and ears” for the Politically Correct Progressive agenda pushers from the Department of “You VILL get it right or Else”.

    The 1920s-30s Italy and 1930s-40s Germany model is taking shape. And the Lenin/Stalin model is working its magic in the Race-baiting attacks against the Police. Which is exaCTLY WHAT HAPPENED IN rUSSIA 1917-1930.

    With Silvia Lagnado coming aboard…… can the country now look forward to Bacardi and Coke Big Gulps !

    • Don,

      I sooo wish the younger generations knew and understood history. You and I see what is happening, and we know what it means for the nation, but they are totally clueless. They have been taught lies and they have bought into those lies so effectively that is nearly impossible to extricate them from their indoctrination. 😦

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