In Case You Doubt We’re Fascists Now…

The Oil for Your Lamp

I recently wrote a post explaining that the United States is now a Fascist nation (yes, just like NAZI Germany).  You can find that post here.  In that post, I explain how the government — and not corporations — is actually dictating what can and cannot be done in this nation, and that these dictates are independent of the law.  Well, today I saw this story which, if you read my first post, is exactly what I said is happening and will happen more and more as we slide farther into dictatorship:

Obama’s EPA Nazi Threatening to ‘Knock On Doors’ Of Companies Not Toeing Her Climate Change Line

Oh, and feel free to object to the use of the word NAZI in the title of this story.  Obama is not a NAZI.  NAZI’s love their country.  No, Obama is a full-fledged Marxist, and Marxists only love themselves…

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