Oh, My Darling Clementine

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind was a 2004 American romantic science-fiction dramedy film about Clementine and Joel, an estranged couple who have erased each other from their memories. Even though the couple are drawn together, their personalities are polar opposites – and this eventually leads to trouble, enough so that Clementine decided to leave Joel and seek out a company providing the erasure of unpleasant memories. Upon finding out what Clementine has done, the devastated Joel undergoes the same procedure to erase his memories of her.

The contemporary absurdity of progressivism with all of its denial of reality by proposing that gender and race are matters of choice (in direct contradiction to nature and natural law), of blaming and demonizing others for their own failures, of punishing opposition through demagoguery, of propagandizing, of the closing down of debate through name calling, “trigger warnings”, micro aggressions and white privilege are all attempts to create a Spotless Mind.

The movie also introduces other characters who attempt to escape the realities of life through erasure of their memories – for example, one of the memory erasure technicians, Mary, has the memories of an affair with the doctor who heads the clinic erased when his wife discovers the infidelity.
The commonality in the movie and the ideology of progressivism is that in both cases, the characters seek to avoid reality rather that deal directly with it. The actions of progressives are designed, not to address any particular problem, rather to avoid them – they seek to simply erase them from memory as if they are not recognized, they are not real.

It’s a very postmodern approach to life, a real Schrödinger’s cat approach – rather than look in the box to see if the cat is dead or alive, they simply choose not to look, thereby leaving the question unresolved.

I understand the usefulness of philosophical debate as a part of intellectual inquiry but in a practical sense, it is useless and idiotic to endlessly debate whether Schrödinger’s cat is alive or dead under the box when all you have to do is lift the box to find out. If you have the power to intellectually discover the “is or ain’t” of a situation, why waste time with hypothetical propositions?

It is equally useless to argue that the status of the cat, once determined, is the opposite to what is observed because it depends on our current perception of reality.

The damn cat is either alive or dead. Period. Stick that in your existentialist philosophical pipe and smoke it.

Post-modernists, deconstructionists and “progressives” are the creation of a successful and productive society. They exist as a luxury appendage to a society that produces more than it consumes, thereby providing the time and money for these “intellectuals” to tear down the very mechanism that allows them to exist. This type of reductive and destructive reasoning is totally worthless to society. It helps no one in understanding anything and serves only as a convenient excuse for the harsh reality of the world and the interactions of its inhabitants.

Post-modernism, deconstructionism and “progressivism” are all the result of individuals seeking to explain their lack of success, societal mobility and meaningful achievement in the face of the objective success of productive members of society and individual self-determination. They are incapable of coming to terms with their own limitations; therefore they must construct an alternative explanation for their lack of tangible value to society through a system of pseudo-logic.

At the conclusion of the movie, the lucky (unlucky) couple meet on a train long after the procedure is completed and are immediately drawn to each other. Even after they discover they both had undergone a procedure to erase each other, the bond is so strong they decide to try again. Joel and Clementine’s relationship was reality and no matter how hard they tried to deny that, they couldn’t. In life, as in the movie, reality can only be held in abeyance for a time and then it returns to reclaim its rightful place.

2 thoughts on “Oh, My Darling Clementine

  1. My understanding of the Schrodinger’s cat thought experiment is that it is an investigation of our Predictive abilities in the context of quantum Mechanics. It is essentially a Statistical exercise. And it gets at the issue of Microscopic observation versus Macroscopic observation.

    At the microscopic( quantum ) level with wave/particle duality and distance on the order of the Planck Constant (h) or especially the h-bar( Dirac constant), one can not be sure of both position and direction… with the uncertainty principle etc. Thus multiple states were thought to in a sense Co-exist, and as such different possible outcomes to any observation could occur. However the outcomes ( in the quantum state) have subsequently been found to be consistent within the assumptions of quantum mechanics and thus less “mysterious” then originally hypothesized by Einstein, Schrodinger et al. Experiments by Bell and Alain Aspect etc. show this.

    So when you say.. “It is equally useless to argue that the status of the cat, once determined, is the opposite to what is observed because it depends on our current perception of reality.”, you are correct because the Bell experiments show that outcomes aren’t so much determined by our macroscopic “perceptions”.

    I don’t see the Einstein/Schrodinger investigation as the product of Post Modernism or progressivism though. Rather its misuse and especially misunderstanding by the intellectual progressive navel-gazers is par for the course of these folks. Those who brought us ” quantum leap” and “It’s all Relative” as the social application of the essentially rigorous scientific theories of Quantum Mechanics and Relativity.

    Personalizing science thus is part and parcel of this Post Modern “cult of the Self” as the ultimate reality and ultimate point from which all meaning should be determined. And our culture is now a reflection of the Cult’s spread. On the other hand it might be nice to “erase” the Vanity Fair image of Brucie Jenner from one’s mind.

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