AGENDAS: Recognizing Totalitarianism in Modern American Society

The Oil for Your Lamp


If you honestly want to understand what is happening to America and how it is being done, one of the three most important ‘secular’ books you can read is George Orwell’s novel, “1984.”  In this novel, the main character, Winston, lives in one of three huge States.  Oceania is a conglomerate of all the English speaking nations of the early 20th Century.  It is run by a governing body referred to as ‘The Party.’  That Party is called Insoc, which derived its name from melding the words English and Socialism.  In “1984,” the Party controls everything and keeps close tabs on every aspect of every citizen’s life to make sure they do exactly as the Party dictates.  Most of the monitoring is done through TV sets that have built in cameras and microphones.  Now, flash forward to today and you will find that ‘The Party’ goes by many names.  In…

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