The Quest

It’s not so much the delusional people in this world that bother me (and I do think that people like Bruce Jenner and Rachel Dolezal are delusional). They seemingly are struggling to explain themselves and how they fit into the world. I don’t really care if Bruce needs to be Caitlyn or Rachel needs to deny her genetic reality in order to hit the sweet spot in their lives.

If either of these situations stopped with Caitlyn and Rachel, that would be fine with me because neither changes the way I live in any meaningful sense – but situations like these do not stop with the individual. There are forces in our society that seek to demand that the greater society accept these folks and by accepting them, validate their choices. Greater society is also expected to celebrate these choices as brave and courageous rather than treat them as the deviancy they are.

Look at ESPN awarding Bruce/Caitlyn an award for courage, how the NAACP and the progressive left are trying to rationalize how a white woman could really be black. Now being black is apparently like being a Yankees fan – all you have to do is share an “experience” to change your race. Remember a couple of years ago when President Obama called Jason Collins to congratulate him for coming out as gay and treating him as a hero, yet he did not even recognize the death of Chris Kyle, a true hero.

Finding meaning in life is perhaps the most difficult, confusing and ultimately confounding task of the human intellect. Why do we exist and what is the meaning of our existence? These are the questions both philosophers and the common man have been confounded by since our ancestors crawled out of the primordial muck and stood erect for the first time.

It is not a challenge anyone can escape as long as they live. The only reprieve from this Sisyphusian task is death…and even prior to that point, we struggle to understand what happens after our human form can’t repair itself any longer and retires from the field.

There are three types of people engaged in this quest – the realists – those who accept reality as it is work with it and the flotsam and jetsam group – those who never think deeply enough about it to care, allowing themselves to be defined by life, essentially washed along by the tide. The last group are the fantasists – it includes people like Jenner, Dolezal and Collins – they are those who deny reality and seek to bend it to fit their inadequacies, seeking protections from society do facilitate their denial of reality.

I celebrate the search for meaning – it is the only true quest of mankind. What I do not accept is the mandate that the realists are at fault or are responsible for the condition of the second two groups.

4 thoughts on “The Quest

  1. If people (Americans) can radically change their existence in this world simply by saying that they always felt unfairly burdened because some trait of their character made them feel 180 degrees from how they actually felt. And if this makes it necessary for all other Americans to treat them differently than how social standards had always told us to treat what we thought we were being subjected to by their appearances, we have opened a door that will never close. Also if this means the US government now must spend whatever it takes to make these people treated like they want to be treated, we have opened a checkbook that will never close. As an example, I have always felt like I was a billionaire, but circumstances have unfairly prevented me from ever reaching that level in the financial world, therefore the gov. should start giving me some huge checks to get this unfairness eliminated.

  2. The sector of society that screams “THE SCIENCE IS SETTLED!!!” whenever they don’t want to defend their position is the same sector that now says “Objective reality must yield to the subjective feelings of disturbed, unhappy people.” This cannot end well. If every person with an emotional disturbance gets to dictate their own, personal version of reality, society collapses. I, as a tired, old conservative, would prefer not to claw my way through the rubble of Western Civilization’s ruin.

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