UNDERSTANDING ISLAM: Beware of Glenn Beck’s Deceptions!

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If you listen to Glenn Beck, please read this post.  You must understand how you are being deceived, and why.

Once again, Beck is trying to deceive his listeners.  If you listened to his show today (June 16, 2015) you know that he started out condemning people who redefine words, or who make words useless by destroying any and all meaning assigned to them.  Then he did the exact same thing concerning Islam.  In promoting his new book, “It Is About Islam,” Beck makes up a new word, ‘Islamisist,’ and redefines two others, Islam and Muslim.  In doing so, he deceives his listener only, since he boasts that his book will come from the Qur’an and Hadith, it means Beck is admitting he is intentionally deceiving his audience.  The dictionary defines this as a lie, now I’d like to prove that Beck is lying to you — and…

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6 thoughts on “UNDERSTANDING ISLAM: Beware of Glenn Beck’s Deceptions!

  1. Beck is so GOOD on the Politics and shady connections within the power structures of our time! Today for instance he correctly chided the Marxist comments purported to be from the Pope on the “climate Change” hoax. He asked where is the admonition against the murder and genocide going on under ISIS from the Pope ?

    But on the religious side and especially what you say about Beck’s continued misinterpretation and CHANGING of islam’s basic tenants is absolutely true !!

    Beck’s upcoming 928 or 828 tour to the Churches and Alabama is thus troubling in this context. As he has already shown his willingness and desire to politicize the Churches in favor of Progressive social policies. His Dog and Pony show on the border admonishing those who disagreed with letting in 10s of thousands of Illegal “Kids”…… the most of which turned out to be Males 16-24 years of age. And as we now know a high percentage of those were Gangs members. Second is his vicious attack on the Bundy ranch situation and his almost complete lack of coverage of Harry Reid’s complicity in that affair. He so much as said the only proper use of the 2nd Amendment was for target practice and recreational use……. A position that could have been written for him by Joe Biden.

    Thus one wonders what his new Charade will be when it comes to the Churches. No doubt Some sort of historically INACCURATE Progressive, made-up mythology linking MLK, Gandhi, Bonhoeffer, and perhaps Lincoln for good measure.

    I have been studying the Black Robe regiment and in this context the 1558 Magdeburg confession. Both cases where Creator endowed rights were championed OVER those of the tyrannical State. And over the ramblings of individuals who would elevate their own “interpretations” above other individuals and above God. I think Joe, you could do a much better analysis than I on this…. and/or Texas95 or Utah. But I nonetheless want to reintroduce a time and place where individual Natural Rights were REALLY fought for and which inspired events including our own Founders and 1776 !


    • Don,

      I will chew on your suggestions. While I do that, I have to thoughts to offer in response to your comment here.

      1 — I believe Beck gets things so right in the political/historic world and so wrong in Spiritual matters is because he is a Mormon. They believe in works and self-salvation. As such, they see the material world, NOT the Spiritual world – at least, not God’s side of the Spiritual.

      2 — I will look into the black robe regiment, but I would caution that the Church in the Colonies was NOT the Church of Europe. Our forefathers left so they could establish the original faith once again. There is good reason to believe this is directly addressed in prophecy, and that the U.S. is the land of milk and honey God promised the descendents of Ephraim (the 10 Northern Tribes). The point here is, had it not been for this Spiritual return to the true doctrines of Christianity in the Colonies, this nation would not exist. Something else would have risen in its place.

      • Re : #2,

        Yes …. And the 1558 Magdeburg Confession and the Pilgrims coming to America were the start of the process which saw its fruition in just the Christianity in the Colonies you speak of. In 1558 in Magdeburg Germany they were saying God above the State, above the Princes.

  2. Here is a description on another reference about April 13 1558 :

    This is the first ever English translation of the historic Magdeburg Confession. The translation work was done from a 1550 Latin original of the Confession. The Magdeburg Confession is the first known document in the history of man to formally set forth the Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates. The Lesser Magistrate Doctrine teaches that when a superior authority makes unjust laws or decrees, the lesser authority has a God-given right and duty to resist those unjust laws or decrees. In 1548, Charles V imposed his infamous Augsburg Interim which was an attempt to smash the Protestant Reformation. While all of Protestant Germany conformed to his decree, one city decided to take a stand and resist his authority – the city of Magdeburg. The pastors of Magdeburg issued their Confession and Defense of the Pastors and Other Ministers of the Church of Magdeburg on April 13, 1550 AD. Five months after issuing their Confession, Charles V’s forces marched on Magdeburg. The people of Magdeburg burned everything outside the city walls and closed the city gates. The siege of Magdeburg had begun. What constitutes a tyrannical government? How and when are Christians to respond and act when a government does become tyrannical? Are Christians to give unlimited obedience to the State? These questions and others were addressed and answered by the pastors in the Confession. In defiance of Charles V’s tyranny, they declared, “Divine laws necessarily trump human ones.” What the pastors of Magdeburg wrote in the Confession significantly impacted men like John Knox, Theodore Beza and Phillip Mornay. The repercussions of the Confession were felt throughout Western Civilization all the way to the founding of America as a nation. For over 460 years, the Confession has existed only in Latin and German. Now English-speaking people can read it for themselves. This is the first English translation of The Magdeburg Confession ever written. Dr. Matthew Colvin holds a Ph.D. in Latin and Greek Literature from Cornell University.


    • Thanks, Don. I have added both books to my Amazon cart. However, it may be a while before I can get to them. I am dealing with something I believe to be MUCH more pressing and — if it is what I think it is — there may not be enough time left to address the issues you are raising…

      • Yes. I understand.

        By way of outline for the younger folk:
        From 1215 Magna Carta….to 1550 Magdeburg… to John Knox…. to The Black Robed Regiment and those like Pastor Jonas Clarke …..and Lexington ( Blood spilled in a Just Cause)….

        And on the Concord !!

        “.. What constitutes a tyrannical government? How and when are Christians to respond and act when a government does become tyrannical? Are Christians to give unlimited obedience to the State? “.

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