LESSONS IN LOGIC: Gun Control and the Charlotte Shooting

The Oil for Your Lamp

I do not mean to sound insensitive, but this tragedy is yet another clear example of the insanity which now dominates our society.  I just hope you will recognize the satire in this post.  It is used intentionally to make what is a very important point.

THE CHARLOTTE SHOOTING DID NOT HAPPEN!  It couldn’t have happened.  We know this because the news is reporting the ‘alleged’ shooter violated gun control laws and, as we all know, once we make something illegal, people can no longer do that action.  So, if the Charlotte shooting actually happened, it means laws do not control human behavior.  And if laws do not control the human heart, that would mean passing more laws would be insane — and we know we are not insane.  Therefore, because we know that laws are the only thing that keep people from killing everyone around them, we know the…

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