Progressivism – The Real Hate Crime

By all means, let us have the conversation on race.

I’m ready for it. I mentioned to my wife yesterday that in this day and age, it is hard to believe that racism still exists – this Roof kid only knows of the civil rights struggle through what he has been told (or not told) but we can’t have the conversation if it is only going to be about how much whites hate blacks. It has to include the foment of racial division by progressives driven by white guilt, a media that sees and reports everything through the lens of racism, a Democrat party that tries to excuse criticism the failure of its leadership by equating opposition with racism and a President and his politicized DOJ that gives preference to minorities over the majority.

If we are going to talk about guns, let’s – but let’s also talk about the tactics of racial division utilized by the black governmental power structure (i.e. Baltimore), the black punditry (i.e. Melissa Harris-Perry and Michael Eric Dyson of MSNBC), black “activists” like Al Sharpton, white radicals like Michael Pfleger, and a progressive media that incites race riots in places like Ferguson, Missouri. Let’s talk about how a constant barrage of news that whites are solely to blame for black issues, that poor blacks deserve more than poor whites, that they deserve preferential treatment in education, policing and prison sentences can effect a weak minded nut job looking for an excuse why he is a weak minded nut job. Let’s not ascribe the crime to the tool he used without looking at root cause.

When progressives of all colors are willing to have those conversations, I am willing to participate.

A single deranged white racist idiot kills 9 defenseless black people in a building where they should not have feared violence and all gun owners and Caucasians are to blame. This isolated event is elevated as a commentary of just how violent and racist America is. It is presented as evidence of the white devil hating the helpless black man. The first reaction of progressives is to demand restriction of the rights of law-abiding citizens.

Nineteen Muslims hijack three airplanes and kill 2,977 people of various races in buildings where they should not have feared violence and yet we are told that we cannot blame Islam and to do so is an example of our prejudice and hatred of “brown people”. We are told that Islam is a “religion of peace”. The first reaction of progressives is to demand that we respect the rights of Muslims.

The New Black Panther Party can openly call for killing of whites while Jeremiah Wright, the pastor of our President for 20 years, condemns America from his pulpit and it is simply evidence of the black man’s struggle against the white devil. It is not an example of black racism.

The first instinct of a progressive in the former cases is to blame their political opponents – they have tried to hang every shooting in recent memory around the neck of conservatives or the Tea Party. The first instinct of progressives in the latter cases is to avoid assigning responsibility to the point of never calling the evil by its name even as the evil openly announces to the world its responsibility for the act.


Because progressives never care about the victims, they only see an opportunity to advance their agenda. Their root motivation is blood libel against their opponents.

The death of any innocent is a lamentable crime against humanity, one deserving of the harshest of punishments – but when those deaths are used as tools to gain political or ideological advantage, the parties who use those tools are accessories to the crime.

2 thoughts on “Progressivism – The Real Hate Crime

  1. The kid is obviously a racist as he targeted black people. It should be noted that he chose a gun-free zone, and apparently was taking suboxone. These two points are something that the media doesn’t point out. Also; why are these psychotropic drugs being given out like candy? Seems they have a history of violence.

    In Chicago, when there is a drive-by which kills several people, that is not labeled a racist or hate crime, nor is it reported in the main-stream media. It is confusing to me.

  2. It would appear that millennials are just as “racist” as other generations ( Those of us whom the progressives have sub-categorized and divided into labels ).

    Noting that the “millennials” vote predominately Democrat, and have been influenced by Hollywood and the Dept of Education, the Progressives have a bit of a Conundrum. Seems all these influences have fostered a mind set no different from the historical norm throughout the world throughout history. There’s that Human Nature thing that Marx and the commies stubbornly ( and Purposely ? ) refuse to address.

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