RECOGNIZING HYPOCRISY: Glenn Beck’s Visit to Charlotte

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Glenn Beck has repeatedly attacked people like Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson for going to places where there is civil unrest.  In Beck’s eyes, these people don’t help the situation; they add tot he problems of a community that is already suffering as it deals with some recent tragedy.  If you listen regularly, you have no doubt heard Beck telling his audience that we must stop worrying about our interests and start standing on our principles.  Then he goes and destroys any good he may have done by acting like a hypocrite and going to Charlotte after this most recent shooting.  Yes, sadly, his visit is hypocrisy, and if you give me a moment, I believe I can explain it so even Mr. Beck will see it.

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5 thoughts on “RECOGNIZING HYPOCRISY: Glenn Beck’s Visit to Charlotte

  1. I believe the shooting you are referencing is the one at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston SC not Charlotte NC

    • Starting to think so, myself. All day long he kept talking about how he did not want the attention, but then he would turn around and promote himself or the things he was doing for the community. There was a time I would have told myself such lies — and believed them. No more. Now that I can actually see the reflection in the morality mirror, I know just how much of a hypocrite I can be. Given his position and attitude toward such things, I would say Beck has me beat. 😦

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