Why I Will NOT Vote for Carson in One Simple Story

RNL contributor, Kells, seems to think I have unfairly painted Carson as a Progressive.  Well, I don’t know, but read this story and tell me if you think he sounds like a conservative:

Ben Carson: Borders Must Be Sealed to Keep Terrorists Out; Illegals Should Be Given Path to Amnesty

37 thoughts on “Why I Will NOT Vote for Carson in One Simple Story

  1. I’ve been saying this about Dr Ben for a while now.

    Ben Carson = AMNESTY = Anti-2nd Amendment. = Liberal Progressive.

    And Jeb Bush is EXACTLY the same.

    Jeb Bush = AMNESTY + Common Core and NOW…… Repealing the 2nd Amendment !!!! Look at the Link below : Chief Bush “Strategist” Rove calls for repealing the 2nd Amendment.


    There is only ONE Political Party…….. “The Liberal Democrat and Establishment Republican Party”.

  2. I agreed with everything he said in the article because he is right. Basically, sealing the borders, cutting the benefits would automatically reduce unwanted illegal immigrants. Those that choose to stay would get in the same line as the people who are trying to attain citizenship.

    Let’s play pretend. Pretend you are a 16-year-old, and I am your mom. You want to get a job, but I tell you that we are from Russia, and we are illegal aliens. You don’t speak Russian. What do you think is fair to happen you. Oh, and I named you Boris.

    • So, Kells, you FINALLY admit that you are NOT a Constitutionalists or “Conservative.” Instead, you DO believe that laws can and should be changed — by decree — based on how you “feel” about the given issue.

      DO NOT OBJECT! You have said you agree with Carson when he said:


      And those who break the law should be rewarded.

      So, again, Kells, do NOT complain when someone is elected and decides you do not have a right to your own life because you are a Progressive. You have already agreed with that line of reasoning, so accept it when it finally affects you.

      • So then, Boris, you must now go to Russia. Reckon you aught to order a copy of Rosetta Stone, and kiss your dreams and your HS sweetheart goodbye! You filthy Russian lawbreaker!!

          • By your “logic”, you are ridding yourself from the only home you have ever known. If you were to use common sense and compassion (the latter to which you preach upon ad nauseam), you would understand that Boris (you) could and should remain in the US, and gain your path to citizenship.

            But tell me, because I’m dying to know, what is your panacea for the illegal immigrant in this country? Keep in mind, Boris, you can get in just as quickly as you are shipped out……it’s the Russian in you.

            • So we should not only allow the murderer to go free, we should reward him with money and other benefits???

              Well, do not be surprised when said murderer finds a way around your wall — because he KNOWS, if he can do so, you will eventually reward him AGAIN!

                • You are using an appeal to emotion by making up some fictitious child who you CL:AIM is innocent, so I am doing the same thing. You policies also justify rewarding murderers and rapists. So eat the cake you have made, Kells. YOU ARE A PROGRESSIVE!

                  • Isn’t Obama ( and by their inaction the RINO Republicans) rewarding murderers and rapists NOW!? ICE is letting them go by direct order…..to the tune of 10s of thousands.

                    Thus Carson ( and his supporters) seem to be supporting Obama’s policies.

                    Huh ! ……. Whodda thunk !

                  • No, I was playing pretend. It was you who inferred that you’re a murderous scumbag. At the same time, you still refuse to answer a key question which I find both interesting yet troubling. Carson has.

                    • Your ‘pretend’ has real-world consequences. Every time we show them to you, you get mad because you do not like how ugly they are (and by extension, your own reflection in the morality mirror).

                      Once again: how PROGRESSIVE of you!

  3. Kells,

    You are a Liberal and a Statist. I know the term “Libertarian” is bantered about to make folks like you feel good about your Liberalism…… Carson makes some pretensions towards being a Libertarian and pretensions towards supporting the Constitution too.

    You support giving a blanket pass to those who Broke the Law by coming here illegally…..and doing so by effective dictat, completely against the process of Constitutional authority. You support arbitrarily “giving” these Illegals and law breakers the same satus as those who Followed the Law.

    Then you claim to argue against your decision shows a lack of Compassion and Common Sense…..thus calling( implying) those who disagree with you are stupid and mean.

    Essentially a Verbatim argument from the Liberal Socialist Media…… And Ben is your new “Hero Worsdhip” political icon you support in this.

    To date Carson : Doesn’t support the 2nd Amendment…..Doesn’t support immigration laws or punishing those who’ve broken those laws………… What a Candidate !!

      • Oh, for cryin out loud! “She” is being logical! For cryin out loud! Must I do all the work for you two? You answer my question, pal Joey. You can’t because numbers and facts are a bitch, aren’t they? Carson isn’t advocating for folks to come on over and drink your pina colada; he’s saying let’s secure our borders, and deal with the illegals that are here in a manner which is humane.

        • It is “Humane” to put Law breakers into the same category as those LEGAL immigrants?

          What laws am I allowed to break Kells….. that you will Humanely forgive ??

          You don’t even see that you are involved in hate speech and marginalization and demonization do you ? Which is Alinsky 101. If we don’t believe in your views we are illogical. If we believe that deportation laws should be enforced we are in-humane.

          You do the pre-work of the neo-fascists with language.

      • Carson has said in words and video that he DOESN’T support the 2nd Amendment at all. Except HIS VERSION of what the 2nd Amendment should be. Which is exactly what Obama, Pelosi, Feinstein, Bloomberg, Eric Holder, Karl Rove, and ll the rest of the Gun Control, gun registration, Hillary supporters etc say….. every day !!

        The fact you use the Term….. “Master Plan”…. cements your position as a Liberal/Progressive.

        Follow the Law. That is the key to success of the Civil Society. No special interests or special laws for Special people or Special skin color. No master plan. Just the law followed.

        • Would love to hear that as the only posts I’ve seen from him advocate for the 2nd amendment. In one interview he did caution against selling rocket launchers in inner cities, which seems perfectly logical to me. Then again, I reckon it’s a good idea for these gang bangers to kill their opponents (and innocent bystanders..oops) But what does Ben Carson know about that? He is just a rich elitist like Obama, right?

          Please read one of his books……..this boy ain’t dreamin about his father; he is inspired by his mother and God.

          • Now you are being dishonest. Another Liberal trait.
            As I put up a video ( on a recent post ) where he says he has a problem with automatic Weapons as clear as day. And I put up a text article wherein he said virtually the same thing.

              • National Press Club :
                ” When it came to “assault weapons,” Carson said that conservatives who refused to engage in conversations about gun control had an “infantile attitude.”

                The former neurosurgeon pointed to the Bible story of Ester, which he said meant that conservatives needed to know when to compromise for the good of the “bigger picture.”

                This video says it all….. no semi-automatic weapons in Cities…..Local government should be able to determine who gets to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights and who doesn’t.

                This is getting tiring……there are tons of other quotes and references. I put up short ones to match the attention span you seem to have when it comes to the Truth.

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