LESSONS IN LOGIC: Is the Confederate Battle Flag a Symbol of States’ Rights?

The Oil for Your Lamp

I fully understand this will not be a popular post, so I want to start by making it very clear: I oppose slavery — in every form!  That said, I heard something today to which I had to respond.  I heard someone claim that the Confederacy was not about States’ rights.  The thinking is, because the Confederate Constitution mandated slavery for inclusion in the Confederacy.  But this is a fallacy.  Look why the Confederate States seceded: because they were being told they could not continue the practice of slavery.  This is the flip side of the coin.  If it is not about States’ rights to say you must be a slave State, then how is it about States’ rights to say you cannot be a slave State?  The truth is, the Civil War was about the right of the States to secede from the union.  It could just as well…

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