LESSONS IN LOGIC: Let’s Ban ALL ‘Hate Flags!’

The Oil for Your Lamp

The push is on to ban ‘hate’ flags: flags that offend because of what they represent.  At the moment, this is the flag on which our attention is being focused:

confederate battle flag

But this is not the only flag they will come after…

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One thought on “LESSONS IN LOGIC: Let’s Ban ALL ‘Hate Flags!’

  1. I grew up on the East Coast. I have never had a Confederate Flag and I never wanted one.

    But in a way, acquiring one now is an act of support for freedom and a push back against what has become the weaponization of Political Correctness.
    In a twist of irony, the US Stars and Stripes and what it stands for is now the protector of the Stars and Bars ( Southern Cross) . Because It is a protector of free expression, Liberty, free speech, it is the representation of those freedoms.

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