First ‘Gay’ Marriage, Next — ANYONE Who Objects!


In my last post, I explained that what is really at stake i the upcoming Supreme Court ruling on ‘gay’ marriage is whether or not we are going to give the government authority to define words.  Do not ignore the importance of my claim.  Progressive control our society, and Progressives honestly believe they can control humanity by controlling the language.  I have written about this on my other blog, The OYL  (TRUTH: Those Who Embrace Political Correctness Are Furthest From Sanity).  If the Supreme Court allows the government to “change our history and our traditions” by changing the meaning of words, then there will be no end to the tyranny that will result.  Once it happens, it will be only a matter of time before you find yourself on the receiving end of this compulsion to control and to destroy all those who oppose that control.  We…

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