Today: The Confederate Battle Flag; Tomorrow: You?!


So we need to get rid of the Confederate Battle Flag because of what others claim it represents.  It is ‘politically correct’ to hate the people who embrace the flag because they are ‘haters.’  In fact, it is ‘politically correct’ to remove any and all traces of the very culture that created that flag.  Well, if you believe this lie, make sure you remember you support the idea when Islam starts to do it in mass here in America — because it will.  It has already started.  But then, this is what all enemies of individual liberty always do: they always seek to change the past so they can control the present:

AGENDAS: Recognizing Totalitarianism in Modern American Society

Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.

This is why Islam always builds its mosques on top of the holy sites of the nations it…

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2 thoughts on “Today: The Confederate Battle Flag; Tomorrow: You?!

  1. What is going on is A Cultural “Book Burning”. A purging of Historical references.
    This is an educational moment because this attempt to purge references to the 1860s is going on at the same time as ISIS and the Taliban are destroying Historical and archeological sites not associated with islam.

    There really isn’t any difference between theses two attempts. ISIS is torturing and mass killing people to attain it. The American left isn’t “Mass” killing….. but it has murdered Police Officers recently ( through their rhetoric and activists who acted on that rhetoric)…..and they are intimidating and threatening violence and even Death. I called a custom Flag Shop that has gotten MULTIPLT death threats from the “rainbow coalition crowd”.

    Next will be any refernces to Civil War Confederate Generals, the term Dixie…..even references to the names of the Southern States themselves. And of course the term “Rebel” will become the new “N-word”. Then they will start on the Founders…..Washington, Jefferson etc will become the attack front…..then icons like …1776…..Don’t tread on me ….etc.

    This is, as Mary Katherine Ham says in her new book, the “Weaponization of Political Correctness”.

    • DonAmeche,

      I know many will disagree, and that’s because they are Spiritually blind: but this is the Spirit of antichrist let loose on the earth. Prophecy tells us that Satan must be loosed a short season so that he may deceive the nations, and that this will lead to the man of lawlessness (when no none knows right from wrong) and the great apostasy (falling away from God). It ends with the return of Christ and the battle of Armageddon.

      Funny thing: EVERY nation named by Ezekiel and the other prophets as being destroyed by Christ when He returns is Muslim. And the colors of the four horsemen (white, red, black and green) are the colors of every Islamic nation’s flag. Now, one can dismiss this as coincidence, but as I asked in another post: how many coincidences equal a sign?

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