Elections Have Consequences; Time for GOP to be Consequential

I am re-blogging this for our friend, Vlad. However, I feel compelled to offer my own opinion that the GOP is actually part of the problem — NOT the solution. They are working to support Obama every bit as much as Obama is supporting ISIS and Al-Qaeda. Why would liberty ever look to tyranny — in any form — for help in the cause of liberty?

The SCOTUS decision in King v Burwell is like this:

On the eve of the Super Bowl, the most respected and experienced analysts declare that not only will the underdog team from the small-market city lose badly, but that their ability and skills are amateurish, their quarterback is ugly, their coach is a lunatic and their team’s owner is filthy degenerate.

How will this affect the team’s performance? Will they hang their heads in shame, agree with the assessment, and inquire about the possibility of forfeiting the game in order to not impose their mediocrity upon the spectators?

Or will they use the disrespect, the insults, and the disdain as fuel for the inner fire, motivating them to righteous anger and stoking their competitive spirit?

In 2012, when the Supreme Court upheld Obamacare under the Federal Government’s authority to implement and enforce taxes, Justice Roberts said the following:

“Members of…

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