Blind Squirrel (Rush) Finds Nut — Then Walks Away And Leaves It

The Oil for Your Lamp

To my Republican friends: did you notice Rush finally came right out and said I have been right for years: we only have one Party pretending to be two?  Yes, if you listened to Limbaugh’s radio show today, he flat-out said that we have not had an ‘opposition’ Party for years, and that for years, the GOP has been advancing the Democrat Party’s agenda.  In fact, Limbaugh went so far as to say that ‘Conservatism’ is now defined as ‘tweaking socialism.’  I have been saying this for years, and my Republican friends have been vicious in their attacks on me for doing so.  Now that Limbaugh has admitted I have been right all this time, I have to wonder: will you now come to my side, or will you do what Rush did today and just walk away from this discovery?

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9 thoughts on “Blind Squirrel (Rush) Finds Nut — Then Walks Away And Leaves It

  1. This isn’t exactly the Topic of your post.
    But in the sense of there really being only ONE political Party….. the Liberal/Progressive Party ( with Democrat and Republican factions ). And the fact that this One Party has refused to protect our Border, has allowed mohameddan scumbags to enter America’s heartland by subverting and twisting Asylum rules, and refused to do ANYTHING about ISIS terrorism anywhere… is applicable.

    THIS is the fruit of Diversity……THIS is the result of ruling a society based on minorities at the expense of the society as a whole. THIS….. is the result of no push-Back !!!!

  2. Franklin Graham just announced on Hannity that he has left the Republican party !!

    He is registered as an Independent and is going to all 50 States and encourage Christians to ONLY vote for those Candidates who uphold Christian values….individual Candidates only !

    The Republican Party is Dead ! It is a private Club that acts against American Citizens and against the Constitution. I agree with your OYL post ….. a 3rd Party is the only way to go. Third Party or stay home !!

    3rd Party.
    States Civil Disobedience, ignoring UnConstitutional laws and Nullification.
    Convention of States

    These are the routes of restoration . The Republic is effectively Dead….gone. We have NO representation anymore. 1770 has been forced on us ….. the question now is will 1776 come again !
    Is the courage there ?

  3. Please don’t think that you can talk about me behind my back without me calling you out. If Trump was running as a third party; fine. Who’s your candidate that shall be presented to the public at large? Time for you boys to take your dose of reality pills. Ding!

  4. I am curious what your issues are with all the Republican candidates. Well, not really. I’m more interested in talking about how tickled I get when Donald Trump talks to the press. He *ucks with the media in a big way, and he’s right on with his game….. I say kudos to this boy. I’ve never seen the You’re Fired show, but if he keeps this up, I believe he’s got game.

    • He’s got game.

      I haven’t liked Trump in the past. But I watched his entire speech ( complete with the $50 per head cheer leaders)…… And I liked it. He did indeed say a lot of what needs to be said. In a way he addressed very well the Cultural side of things. We now need someone to give the exact same POLITICAL speech…..outline Truthfully the major issue, its subsets and the Solution.

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