PRINCIPLES OF NATURAL LAW: Justice Assumes Consistency Of Understanding


The idea of ‘Justice” rests upon something we call ‘the rule of law,’ and the rule of law rests upon the written word.  The written word is governed by laws, Natural Laws.  However, there is a group of people who have a mental disability.  These people are known by many names.  I prefer to call them Progressives, but whatever name you give them, they all share the same mental disability: they have convinced themselves that these laws do not actually exist.  Well, if you can give me a little of your time, I can not only prove they exist, I can even prove it to any Progressive who actually reads this post.

I will start by asking you to picture what I mean by this sentence:

“Get my contact out of the cloud.”

Now, what does that mean?  I’ll make this easy: it means, “your dog ate my homework.”  Now…

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