BIBLICAL SIGNS: Flies and Bees

If you have ever wondered about all the flies and bees we see around Obama, you should read this.

The Oil for Your Lamp

One of the primary reasons I hear skeptics give for not believing in God is that there is no ‘proof’ He exists.  I wish they would read the Bible.  If they knew it, they would see the signs everywhere — especially today.  Now, understand, most of what the Bible tells us focuses on the things of eternity: the Spiritual.  Those cannot be seen by man unless the Spirit world wills it.  But this does not mean that the influence of the Spirit world does not manifest in this world.  It most certainly does, and it does so in direct connection to the references in the Bible pertaining to these manifestations.  If you doubt me, read the rest of this post.  I bet you’ll learn you have seen these manifestations in this world and never realized how they are connected to Spiritual truths.

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