LESSONS IN LOGIC: Logical Extension As Applied To ‘Gay Marriage’ Ruling

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Last week, the oligarchy we once called The Supreme Court asserted the pretense that they could redefine marriage by decreeing a ‘right’ to ‘gay’ marriage in the Constitution.  Setting aside the fact that none of this is true, I find myself presented with an excellent opportunity to illustrate some truths that I have tried to explain since I started blogging.  In this particular case, I had an acquaintance and FaceBook ‘friend’ decide he could not longer be my ‘friend.’  I say he because he was born male, but had surgery to change his body so that it appears female.  Now, until last week, we got along.  He knew I did not agree with him, but I did not attack him.  In fact, I cannot remember doing anything that a reasonable person would see as judging him.  But I posted something last week that caused him to tell me I had…

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2 thoughts on “LESSONS IN LOGIC: Logical Extension As Applied To ‘Gay Marriage’ Ruling

  1. This is nothing more than the Supreme Court pushing authority it does Not have to legislate social issues by destroying the Bill of Rights, in this case Specifically the 1stAmendment and the 10th Amendment.

    The issue was settled by the majority of the individual States by voting AGAINST the destruction of cultural norms to assuage the radical 2-3%. The SC basically attacked the Majority of the Citizens in those States and pushed activism down the country’s throats ….. This will NOT end well in the long run ! Dred Scott is instructive in this regard.

    BUT ….. This is all part of the Plan so to speak. To undo the very freedoms set forth in the 1776 revolution and subsequent Constitution/Bill of Rights. Specifically the SC and their Gay Nazi gestapo are about nothing less than the complete eradication of Religious and then quickly following all personal freedoms.

    The following story is a microcosm of this and, unfortunately, has the earmarks of both religious and personal freedoms being erased. From the headline :

    “Law eliminates religious and personal belief exemptions for vaccines

    Brown says ‘the science is clear’ on vaccines.”


    Notice the phrase…”The Science is Clear”…… the same slogan used to push “Climate Change”. In other words demonize and marginalize and by doing so SILENCE all different opinions. The very essence of the American Left and of their Alinsky tactics and of the Marxist strategy !

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