LESSONS IN LOGIC: The Suicidal Foundation Of The LGBT Agenda

The Oil for Your Lamp

I have drawn a great deal of criticism for asserting my conviction that the LGBT community suffers more from a psychological disorder than an accident of genetics.  But what else would you call a political agenda that attacks the very people who make their existence possible?  Isn’t suicide often connected to or the result of a mental disorder?  So, if in their zeal, the LGBT community were to turn on and seek to destroy the very people and belief system that makes their continued existence possible, wouldn’t that be considered akin to suicide?  And wouldn’t that then suggest they are — in fact — suffering from some sort of mental disorder?  Well, this is exactly what the LBGT community is currently doing with their calls to exact some sort of revenge by going after Christians.  Yes, I am suggesting that Christians are the reason the LGBT community exists, at…

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