The ‘Love’ That Kills

The Oil for Your Lamp

This may be the most difficult thing I have ever tried to write.  It is difficult because the subject at hand is breaking my heart, but also because I have neither the writing skills nor the moral authority with which to write it. On a personal level, I feel a great dread for this world, and for all those preaching a message of ‘love’ without understanding that the ‘love’ they are preaching will lead to death.  I fear for these people.  It is a fear born of an agape love for each and every one of them.  At the same time, I fear the Lord even more.  Personally, I fear that, because I have such a horrible past, any attempt on my part to try to warn others about this ‘love that kills’ will only reveal me as the hypocrite I know myself to be — and who will listen…

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