The Road to Orania


Let’s get this right out of the way – this is NOT a post advocating racial segregation or white supremacy – it is commentary designed to generate thoughtful conversation through real world examples. That said, here we go:

“If something cannot go on forever, it will stop.”

That’s Herb Stein’s Law. Stein was, of course, a senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, on the board of contributors of The Wall Street Journal, chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers under Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford and from 1974 until 1984, he was the A. Willis Robertson Professor of Economics at the University of Virginia.

I have to wonder if the rancor, tribalism and triumphalism ongoing in America has a stopping point – because it can’t go on forever. Where will our national wheel of fortune stop?

I see three possibilities: 1) we finally succumb to the will of the state and become the EU (we are already close to that now), 2) we break out in another civil war or massive insurgency or 3) we retreat to enclaves where the people share more commonality (like individual city-states or Galt’s Gulch).

Perhaps it will happen in stages. I find it hard to believe that there is so little independence left in the average American that Option 1 will happen, I also suspect that there won’t be enough bloodlust for Option 2, given that the trauma of one Civil War in our history is still palpable some 150 years hence and those on the right know that this is just what progressives need to declare a complete takeover to maintain “order”. Option 3 is self-segregation. Given that we already see self-segregation in minority communities, how difficult is it to conceive that our culture could split into separate geographical areas where certain cultural sensitivities are dominant?

What sounds a little far-fetched now already exists in the predominant black South Africa. After apartheid ended, the majority took over all functions of government and a good many of the former ruling white Afrikaner class were surrounded by a culture at odds with their own. In a discussion the other evening, our own Kells reminded me of a place called Orania, a whites-only enclave in South Africa. Orania was registered as a private company and offers an alternative for those Afrikaners who felt displaced in the land their people had ruled for many decades.

Far from illegal in today’s post-apartheid South Africa, Orania is actually protected by Article 235 of the South African constitution:

235. Self-determination

The right of the South African people as a whole to self-determination, as manifested in this Constitution, does not preclude, within the framework of this right, recognition of the notion of the right of self-determination of any community sharing a common cultural and language heritage, within a territorial entity in the Republic or in any other way, determined by national legislation.

Of course, there are no such express protections in the U.S. Constitution – quite the opposite, provisions of the Constitution have been used to force associations of people who would not normally choose to associate.

President Obama’s recent push to mandate neighborhood makeup through government directive was reported as an effort to create economic and racial diversity – but it has another purpose. Its progressive design is purposefully being crafted to prevent concentration of ideology, to break up any enclaves of resistance to progressivism by salting in traditional progressive constituencies, i.e. minorities, illegal immigrants and those on the government dole.

Who knows what the coming years will bring? I doubt it will be any sort of reconciliation because progressivism has won this round and when progressivism wins, so does race and class envy. Civil discord eventually follows. I don’t suggest the type of racial segregation as in Orania but I can certainly see communities of faith as a result – not theocracies, but just a region where common beliefs and values are shared, regardless of race.

I was highly critical of Ruth Bader Ginsberg when she said, “I would not look to the U.S. Constitution, if I were drafting a constitution in the year 2012. I might look at the constitution of South Africa. That was a deliberate attempt to have a fundamental instrument of government that embraced basic human rights, have an independent judiciary. It really is, I think, a great piece of work that was done.”

As much as I hate to agree with the desiccated old crone, if we can ever get to an Article V convention of the States, she might just have a point.

14 thoughts on “The Road to Orania

  1. First, the ‘law’ that was sited is Natural Law. Your man just simplified it. 🙂

    Second, I vote we go for Galt’s Gultch. It is the only way to preserve any bastion of man’s liberty on this earth.

    Third, if we go the way of the EU, that is not a final destination. It is just another step toward ending what cannot continue. Greece is just the first of what will be MANY dominoes. You see — and, Utah, I KNOW you know this — Greece is proof that Socialism cannot continue. So our choices are really Galt’s Gultch of a return to tyranny. Only, with computers and modern tech, this time, the tyranny will be complete and irreversible.

      • Don,

        Oh, I am well aware of that. However, I cannot find an historic example of a society that has decayed to the point we have that came back as it was. Everything I see looking back in history suggests we are over. Furthermore, everything I see suggests there will have to be a great blood letting before any sense of liberty can or will be restored. This is what has me the most grieved: that history suggests the future for this nation is not as bright as so many seem to keep trying to believe.

        But then, why bother with history, right? I mean, the Progressives are convinced they can re-write Natural Laws, so why not change the path of history, as well?

  2. If you think about it, these Muslim No Go zones (think that’s what they are called) in Europe are somewhat similar to the Orania community. The difference is that while one is self-sufficient, built on fear and distrust in their country, the other is built on leeching in order to overtake their country. Oh, and those crazy Oranians don’t throw people in cages and drown them (forgot that.)

  3. THIS will happen :
    (2) “enclaves where the people share more commonality (like individual city-states or Galt’s Gulch).” Except they will have to be Regions with economic viability, rather than City-States.

    Thus, THIS will probably be necessary in order to create those Regions…
    (3) “we break out in another civil war or massive insurgency”. Doesn’t mean it will be an identical repeat of the 1860s. But may take the form of State Guards protecting their States Natural Resources for instance. So Massive Insurgency in the form of Strikes and State’s Nullification mixed with some skirmishes will probably be the route taken.

    A combination of (a) States ignoring the Supreme Court’s authority….a Kind of Civil Disobedience ….. mixed with (b) a Collapse of the Currency or some financial crises brought on by interest rate servicing of the Debt, will lead to a Convention of States as a path to re-establishing the Republic. Once the financial hold that the Federal gov’t has on the States has evaporated or been truncated appreciably, the relevance of the Federal Gov’t will diminish all most over night……as it did in the Soviet Union which then ushered in the Yeltsin gov’t.

    The Convention of States must re-establish the Original Constitution and Bill of Rights. With new Amendments which further limit gov’t as in Term limits, dissolve the Supreme Court and have Justices rotate for a few years from each State. It must sunset ALL Gov’t depts other than Military. And it must dissolve most of the Regulatory agencies and the Federal code which serves them. I would advocate dropping all Amendments after the Bill of Rights.
    As the recent Supreme Court ruling on gay “marriage” used the 14th Amendment to fundamentally destroy the 10th Amendment rights of the States who specifically voted against gay “marriage” and 1st Amendment rights of those who don’t want to associate OR participate in gay anything, in any way. In fact the Supreme Court Ruling is a twisted sick tyrannical attempt at forcing society to give Preferential treatment to homosexuals while at the same time demeaning and threatening those who disagree.

    The 14th Amendment states…. “No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property……”

    So in addition to the Supreme Court stripping away People’s 1st Amendment rights AND the States 10th Amendment rights……. Their own appeal to the 14th Amendment was itself violated by their argument and action….. Because they HAVE abridged Christian and others privileges to associate with whom they want, do business with whom they want ……. and they have Deprived people of BOTH their Liberty ( To be able to PRACTICE their religion, not just believe it ) ….. to force people to partake of ANY business that condones or materially benefits the “gay” lifestyle…..and they have further deprived people of their Property by levying FINES for refusing to partake of gay activities in their business life. Which has led to banruptcy and failure. Thus they have used the 14th Amendment as a weapon to force non gay enterprises out of business

    They used the 14th Amendment as justification for destroying the 1st and 10th and at the same time they broke the 14th Amendment rights of everyone who is not gay or refuses to comply with associating with gays and their activities .

    Orania on a much larger scale is needed. Perhaps a rolling movement along these lines, pushed along by the Disparate Intention SC ruling and the SC ruling against voter ID, will eventually lead to a viable Secession movement !!

  4. The best example I can identify that is a mirror of what is happening to the United States today is Israel in the time period of the Kings. Most were corrupt and God brought judgement to bear as an example to future rulers and peoples the results of turning their backs to God.

    God blessed America at its founding and created a nation that gave humanity more Liberty and Freedom than any empire on Earth. Even Israel under the Law was unable to do this outside its own borders. Truly amazing.

    We as a people have turned our backs to God and allowed ungodly men of low moral character to rule over us we will now bear the fruit of our works. Unless there is a large reversal in our selection of those elected to run the Goverment we will continue to break apart. What this will look like can only be imagined.

    The minute 5 justices on the SCOTUS cast their lot to Satan on marriage they may have made strike 3.

    Strike 1 – Everson v Board, Engel v Vitale and Epperson v Arkansas – God removed from the public square.
    Strike 2 – Roe vs Wade – Slaughter of the unborn.

    Question is, has the United States of America has already “Stopped”.

    • chhelo,

      If you do not belong to God, you will not see this, but — whether you and Utah are aware of it or not — you have hit on the most powerful indications of prophecy being fulfilled that the world has seen since Christ lived and walked on the earth.

      1 — The US is a covenant nation. Washington made the covenant with Yahweh right after his inauguration. This places the US under the same obligations Israel was under in ancient times.

      2 — The US IS in prophecy. God was still prophesying — through His prophets — about Ephraim 200 years AFTER the 10 norther tribes had been dispersed. One of those prophecies is that Ephraim would be given a land of rest, of milk and honey. If you understand Daniel’s 70 weeks PROPERLY, one of the time periods he was given lands on the year 1776. Our founders called themselves ‘New Israel.’ It is VERY likely that our founders were the remnant of Ephraim (there is much more to this, but for now…)

      3 — Judah was exiled for 70 years — 1 year for each shemitah Israel had ignored.

      4 — the US has suffered the consequences of ignoring the shemitah. Look it up. Search Rabbi Cahn and Shemitah and see what he has to say. More than 70% of the economic down-turns in the US over the past 100 years is directly connected to the shemitah (and there is MUCH more to this, too)

      5 — Israel was warned that God would whistle for his flies and bees to destroy Ephraim. This is a direct reference to Egypt and Assyria. Egypt represents a reliance on self and worldly alliances instead of God. Assyria is the means by which God judges Israel, but is under the power of Satan. There is no ‘Antichrist” PERSON in prophecy, but there is a figure the Bible calls ‘THE Assyrian.’

      6 — 9/11 was a parallel warning to America as that warning given to Israel in Isaiah. Rabbi Cahn calls it the Harbinger(s). We have directly repeated this prophecy, and will suffer the same fate Israel did for doing so.

      7 — The Muslims are both physical and spiritual descendents of Assyria. They are doing to us exactly as they did to Israel after Israel ignored God.

      8 — the flies and bees we see around Obama are another sign, but we do not see or understand because we have grown as Spiritually blind as Israel was in the times you reference.

      9 — Micah was warning Israel of the very same things.

      10 — we are in Baal worship — just like Israel was before they were destroyed (worship of idols)

      11 — we are in Moloch worship — just like Israel was (burning our children and offering the as sacrifice — ABORTION!)

      12 — the rise in ‘body art’ is yet another sign. Israel was told NOT to do this, like the pagans that surrounded them. Tattooing is a sign of spiritual decay and rebellion.

      And I could go on, but — if you do not see by now — nothing will convince you of the truth:


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