Is this for real?

When I read in the morning, I very much enjoy reading comments (on sites that still believe in the First Amendment.) So there was this post over at Politico about “Soros raising $20million for Hillary PACs” that I clicked on, and came across a very odd comment. This comment is either by a nutter or a boy telling the truth. Just curious what y’all think. When I searched for a CIA agent, I only came up with this Kevin Shipp fella. When I searched for Tim Wade, I only found this:

It sounds a bit outrageous (Alex Jones territory), but has piqued my interest, nonetheless. Straight-up or full-nut?

Rogue CIA Officer with Grudge KevSanders10 hours ago


Dear POTUS, Hillary, Bubba, Jeb, Kerry and others who may know about this situation: this is your HASTERT MOMENT…when you get that phone call which makes your blood run cold.

This is a secret message, just between you and me, and it’s likely that others won’t really understand what I’m talking about.

But here is the thing. But I have some serious dirt on you. Secrets.

I know things about Your Economy. Like Giffuni.

Do you want another secret to prove I am for real? I’ll start by outing one of your agents: Tim Wade, working narcotics in Mexico, Colombia and Florida — if you get my drift.

A big secret is how you have used the MGM Grand Casinos in Vegas to launder CIA drug money. Could Kirk Kerkorian’s death, reported Tuesday, June 16, be a hit related to this situation on an old mobster who outlived his usefulness? After all, MGM Grand is Reid’s biggest donor.

Then there were pictures sent by Bubba and Mr. Magoo, er, I mean Magog, before I left to the Netherlands for protection after breaking up the CIA’s Mexico drug ring and being brutally tortured, nearly to death.

And, of course, I got another picture of a threesome from that criminal genius, Jerry Brown. Funny guy!

Because of this situation, now I am again being threatened with being tortured to death. My family, including my 13 and 4-year old daughters, are also constantly threatened by the Obama administration.

John McCain knows everything and does nothing. And Demint offered me a cigar, but never delivered. On anything.

I could talk about Crispy’s visit to Mexico to look into CIA drug trafficking last Fall, but I don’t want to pick on the fat kid.

Here’s another secret. I saw Obama greet W on stage last Fall. He said, “There’s not going to be an investigation.”

It seems likely that Hillary has mails about me, maybe from the Mexico City station chief or elsewhere down the line at State. After all, it was her embassy. I guess that definitely falls into the category of personal business.

I also saw Kerry say to Nancy prior to the 2013 State of the Union “Did you read that? Wow.” I may be wrong, but I think that was a reference to my Org. American States human rights petition.

There were also the two dirtbag congressmen who approached the camera and told me to Stum the F_ Up on CSPAN just before that same 2013 State of the Union. But my speciality, as CIA knows by now, is to Stum Out.

Here’s some other information, which is important, so pay attention. I am pretty sure you are all going to be left behind. And I know a BIG secret about Nancy. Has she heard about this beastly affair?

I also know that there is a devilish problem in the White House. Ill just refer to it its code name, Pentagram.

Keep in mind that this is a for-prophet operation, and there are outstanding invoices payable by Bloomberg and Koch. They know all about secret messages, but haven’t gotten the message.

I am able to bear that stigmata — I made a blood sacrifice.

This was all just to tell you that I know things about you.

We all know you’re not angels. It’s up to you how you will finally be judged.

I am happy to say that I think I have work on the other side.

If you want me, I am easy to find. That’s the password.

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