I Done Gone Trump

Let me be the first to say that when I heard that a reality TV star/billionaire was running for president, I thought it amusing. Then I started listening to this boy (I’ve never seen the You’re Fired show), and I became a bit enamoured by his frankness.

When he spoke the truth about illegals, and backed it up with proof from Homeland Security, he was dropped by Univision, NBC, Macy’s, Serta, and several performers for the Miss USA event. What did he do? The beauty part….wait for it…… he sued their asses for a half billion dollars, and sent out a Twitter to ban the Macy’s! #pushbacktrumpstyle

Truly, I feel that if more conservatives had some backbone like this fella, we would be in better shape. No one is spared by this candidate. He has inspired me to become a bit cruel when dealing with libs. Reality (facts and numbers) are a bitch. Trump calls em out, and takes no prisoners (actually uses the media to increase his numbers!) He is an intelligent warrior.

It is interesting to see the reaction when libs get a taste of their own medicine. #boycottmacys (I would say that for the NBC, but nobody watches them anyhow….Boo-hoo! #truth)

Will I vote for him? I’m watching the debates…..have a gift in reading people. So far, what resonates with me is that he doesn’t back down; Trump’s no chump. #refreshing

For some odd reason, I have taken to speaking in hashtags. The irony of this is I forgot my Twitter password ages ago, and haven’t been able to get back on. #techtard

21 thoughts on “I Done Gone Trump

  1. He is saying a lot of what needs to be said. And by doing so is showing the other self-defined Conservatives the way. ( Cruz, Walker, Perry…. )

    Will he have to take them by the hand and lead them too ? Carly Fiorina is also saying things that need to be said ( though Company Girl actually ).

  2. Reblogged this on Cold Dead Hands Days and commented:
    I don’t feel that elections matter since there’s no accountability in voting and illegal aliens can vote any number of times each. That said Trump then maybe Bernie Sanders my just be the most honest candidates who actually speaking their own minds out there. Everyone else’s pandering using political speech.

    • Yeah, apparently, these voting machines are easy to hack into. I think we should vote with our fingerprint and signature….or something like that. I just feel it would make it less likely for so much voter fraud.

  3. Trump For President. I can’t wait to see the debates! I would pay to see Trump to eat their lunch!

  4. I’m with you Kels! Love to see the Progs go into Major Meltdown Mode when Trump speaks. Do you remember when Jesse Ventura spoke plainly to Minnesotans? They elected him Governor. Too bad Jesse was such a disappointment. Still, could Trump do worse than Obama? At least the economy would experience an upswing if he were President.

    • Me, too. “Oh, what did Della wear, boys, oh what did Della wear? I’ll ask you again as a personal friend, now what did Della wear?” (Sorry, that song popped into my mind…) Say, any time one of you lazy boys want to get off your butts and post, that would be just great with me…..(I like diversity………….and loathe apathy……..hint, hint.)

      • Here’s the effect of some of those, how do you call them…. ?…..really “nice and Normal” homosexuals on a Christian family. The “really Nice and Normal” girl homos have used the so-called “Courts” to strip this family of not only their 1st Amendment RELIGIOUS rights ….but of their 1st Amendment Free Speech rights as well. But then that’s what this was and is really all about isn’t it……and What the Kennedy SC ruling was and is about too.


        Now when Donald speaks out against this ( which he should)…….. I’m a’guessin’ he won’t be your “Boy” any more…..and you will then be “Done GONE and done with Trump”. And when he speaks out against your “really nice and norma”l Sharia muzzie ‘friends’ …… the deal against Trump will be finalized.

        • Divorce is also a sin. Why the hello aren’t we stoning women for this offense? See here, Don, I have many gay friends who are great parents. While I believe that as a society, we should stick to one agenda, I believe overall we must love one another.

          • Men divorce too…..that means men would have to be stoned as well, which would interfere with their T-Times.

            “as a Society” and “overall” could be interpreted as synonymous. I think you mean ” we must each love the individual”……about that I would defer to Joe’s excellent description regarding Agape etc.as he explains it better than I can. For myself I I will say we should Respect one another. Which the gay community has proven it doesn’t…..and it doesn’t in a very hostile and destructive way. As to “parents”…..again, I refer you to your Book.

            But, We agree that as a society we should stick to one “agenda”. Which is exactly was ISN’T happening owing directly to those you identify as “friends” and “great parents”…..and the special interest Community they owe allegiance to. Additionally, “love” is the LAST thing this Special Interest “Gay” Community perpetuates. George Takai as just the latest example. He is but a tip of the Ice burg of Gay hostility and PC fascism.

            • I called out ole Georgy-Porgy-pudding-in-pie-kissed-the-boys-and-made-em-cry. I was called an asshat. (By a perverted straight male) Boo-hoo! think I handled that situation, um, well; Trump-style.

              The reality is that a great majority of my gay friends are conservative, and find these shenanigans appalling. They basically are for equal rights, but not redefining marriage. Oh, and they love their kids desperately…

              • I think Utah on his most recent post described the overall situation extremely well :

                “By any definition, the rule of law is ending. With the end of law comes arbitrary and capricious creation, meaning, and application of laws…and as Locke noted – tyranny. Social, economic and legal instability will result, creating an unsettled populace governed by mob rule, a society dominated by the Various Angry Aggrieved Groups that are less interested in achieving their rights under the Fourteenth Amendment or social cohesion than they are in reward or reparation via terror and retribution. None of this is about “fairness”, it is all about payback.

                Such is a guaranteed death spiral that plays directly into progressive hands – the more chaos created, the more evidence more government control is needed. This all too predictable process is as close to a perpetual motion machine as we will ever experience. ”

                And we can thank all the Progressive special interest groups, of which all “gays” are a central part, for America’s ‘guaranteed death spiral’.

                  • Quit deflecting blame to an amorphous undefined set.
                    “Evil happens when good men say nothing.” The “gay ” voice is ( and has been ) virtually Silent on issues of substance regarding the LOSS of Constitutional and Natural Rights ….. thus making their representative violent voice one of the Principle weapons of social destruction. Once again…The good gay voice against George Takai’s so obvious racist and anti-American hate speech is …. where ???

                    The machine ( of which the gay/rainbow crowd has been a Proud part of ) has INDEED been churning for years. You make my point. As do the “good gays” by not saying exactly what M and others have said ….. and you claim to believe.

                    Lest we forget, the Supreme Court cycle M is referring to has Two bell-weather issues around which this recent degradation centered. First Re-writing ( illegally ) Obamacare a second time and second ignoring multiple State passed legislative propositions ( also illegally) rejecting gay “marriage” as legal.

                    • That’s a great argument. Same could be said about the Muslims in America. I’m with ya here; these folks need to speak out! Perhaps some forums?
                      Reckon now that SCOTUS are the ones passin laws, we aught to push for concealed carry….fair game, right?

                    • Agree with you about the muzzies too. We OUGHT to be pushing for a Convention of States….and Term Limits for the SCOTUS. I would opt for a complete abolishing of the Court though.

  5. Kells,
    I agree with you on Trump. Also like Carly Fiorina for her “Trump” attitude and what she has
    been saying on the Conservative media.

    I can remember when the first Iraqi election for the new government was held and everyone
    held up their blue ink finger signifying that they voted. Why is the Iraqi voting system more lawful and honest than ours?

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