FUNDAMENTALS OF NATURAL LAW: Greece Is An Example Of What Happens When You Violate Natural Law


I am just going to assume that you are aware of the financial mess Greece has created for itself.  This is no one’s fault but Greece — all of Greece.  This means the politicians and the people.  This is not the fault of the bankers.  The bankers have finally come to the point where they realized that Greece was not going to pay them back so they stopped lending.  However, Greece has not stopped spending.  That is what the ‘crisis’ is all about: the people of Greece refuse to live on what they make, they are demanding to get what the politicians who bribed them for their votes promised.  The problem is, those promises (bribes) were made by placing a claim on other people’s’ money — a claim the Greek politicians had no authority to make.  So now, when the bills are due and there is no money to pay…

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11 thoughts on “FUNDAMENTALS OF NATURAL LAW: Greece Is An Example Of What Happens When You Violate Natural Law

  1. Question is are US Stocks a buy if they tank longer than Wed ? Dow down 225 in early overnite.

    • Don,

      If you are a believer, then the US stock market is a GET OUT NOW! The past 7 shemitahs have seen the US take a big hit to the market (you can look it up, it is true). This next shemitah ends in Sept (13th, to be exact). I honestly expect us to take a 9/11 or 2008 type hit this September. Yes, I believe and that is why I expect the pattern to hold.

      The US is under judgment for violating God’s covenant. We’re going to be punished — pure and simple. I know how many will react to these words, but it doesn’t matter. This is part of God’s Law. It will happen.

      • I believe the Pattern(s) will hold too. Gold is still trending low with no appreciable reaction. Which is Telling.

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  3. Entitlements are so entrenched in their way of life. Now they are dealing with ISIS refugees, and they cannot handle it as a country. Probably best for the Greeks to leave the EU, and go back to their own currency. They’re about to experience some true pain, I think.

    • Entitlements are entrenched in THEIR way of life!?! How about in Amerika? If we suddenly had to stop all our entitlement programs, I dare say we’d lose the majority population in all cities with a population over 4-500,000 people! Either they would kill each other off or starve to death, but the death toll would be HUGE!

      Greece is not going to be much different, but they will NOT have it as rough as we will. They only owe a few billion. We owe TRILLIONS! And that is just what is on the books. Heaven knows how much we actually owe.

      • I wasn’t excluding the US. I really feel as if I should buy a crapload of MREs, and create an aquaponics farm. Then again, I reckon if things go south, my farm could be raided. (The entitlement folks like to burn and steal.)

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