Voting in the USA

Do we the People really count? A comment from sweet EdwardS (aka Edward Scissorhands) got me thinking……never a good thing) Here is what he said:

“I can remember when the first Iraqi election for the new government was held and everyone held up their blue ink finger signifying that they voted. Why is the Iraqi voting system more lawful and honest than ours?”

There’s logic in them thar hills and that thar comment.

Now I’m not the brightest banana in the bunch (truth be told, many claim I’m one sandwich shy of a picnic) but I do know that if you have a machine that does your tallying, you’re liable to get the clever boys and girls to do their hacking into said machine. Hmmmm….

Mr. Kells told me that in Costa Rica they must use their fingerprint too, and machines are taken out of the equation. He told me it is more laborious, but you eliminate so many variables.

If we want our vote to count, shouldn’t we the People, be the ones stating our rules? I mean, we are paying their salaries, after all. If nothing else, each voting district should assure their constituents that their machines cannot be hacked into. VA decertified its voting machine: Time to write our deaf congressmen/women?

Off on a tangent, as it is my nature, I should like to inform you of this organisation which spreads the love to the boys and girls fighting overseas (thought it appropriate for this weekend): (I am so into supporting anyone pushin pizza…..especially to boys and girls bustin ass and eatin those MREs!)

For inspiring me to write, I shall dedicate a song to you, to EdwardS. This is a composition by a boy called Danny Elfman:

14 thoughts on “Voting in the USA

  1. What’s it matter? If illegals can vote (thanks Supreme Rouge Court) and they do not need ID, then I am counting myself illegal and voting every 10 minutes.

    Don’t laugh, the other side will DEFINITELY be doing this. That’s how some Democrat districts recorded OVER 100% voter turn out — ALL voting Party ticket. In a rational world, that would be seen as PROOF of voter fraud, but then, we live on the other side of the looking glass now 🙂

  2. Here’s a little vintage Elfman…. I first heard them in Frisco.

    Since the Supreme Court has declared war on the Constitution , the Republic and the American people…..and since it appears elections are now dead, this might be appropriate:

  3. Kells,
    Thanks for the notoriety–though you totally mischaracterize me with the AKA Edward Scissorhands,
    the analogy of the blue finger (thumb) and our voting is that you only vote once and have to be a
    living person to be counted!

    The only reason machines are used in the voting process is to satisfy the national news media with
    instant statistics.

    I can remember when the press, Chicago Tribune, posted a win for Dewey over Truman, November,
    1948, and had to retract when the election results were finalized.

    As an ardent and perfervid student of History, I believe the Future is in the Past—it will be repeated!

    • I apologize for the mischaracterization; I just thought him a good soul, which is how I see you.

      I didn’t know that machines were only used in order that the media sway public opinion, but it makes perfect sense.

      Off on a tangent, perfervid is such a great word……… perhaps I should’ve referred to you as Marty McFly. Obviously, we don’t have DeLoreans that can take us to the past in that we change the future, but we do have books. I still am optimistic that the right people will read them….

  4. “… Obviously, we don’t have DeLoreans that can take us to the past in that we change the future,… ”

    Seriously ? So I guess there’s no Santa Claus either right !?

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