Bleeding Our Country

This morning I was at Financial Times reading a post on the dumb Greeks when I came across a fantastic comment. The Financial Times gave me a warning as to copy/pasting, but it pertained to their article, not the comments. So I’m givin you a plug FT, but it is not your “high-quality global journalist” who I have fallen hard for…….boo-hoo! It is a commenter at your site. Here he is then:

Just so the uninformed become enlightened: There is absolutely no authorization in the US Constitution for the existence of a central bank. It was not among the powers granted by the representatives of the former British Colonies once they achieved independence and became independent sovereign states, meaning nations.

The Founders, at least the Jeffersonians, wanted to assure that their progeny would never have to live under a tyrant again. So they, being sovereign states, created the central government above themselves and granted only certain, explicit, enumerated powers to it, and listed them in Article 1 Section 8. All other powers were reserved to the states or to the people in the Tenth Amendment, unless expressly forbidden to them as in Article 1 Section 10.

If only every American citizen knew this. They would realized that many of their cherished Federal programs are unconstitutional and are bleeding our country dry and near bankruptcy.

The solution is to educate the populace, which is happening but certainly not by the public schools and universities which are filled with misguided teachers and professors, themselves indoctrinated to believe that government is the solution to all problems rather than the free market.

It is time to challenge everyone running for office to see just what they believe the oath of office means to them and just what they intend to do in order to keep their oath.

The correct answer is to vote no for any bill seeking a power not authorized in the Constitution. And repeal all unconstitutional laws and abolish the Federal Reserve System which is destroying our once sound dollar.

The Coinage Act of 1792 defines a dollar as a coin containing 371.25 grains of silver.

The Supreme Court has emasculated that and turned it on its head. Read Timberlake’s Constitutional Money: A Review of Supreme Court Monetary Decisions.

Read Griffin’s The Creature From Jekyll Island

Read Tom Woods: Nullification

Read Ayn Rand’s Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal and For The New Intellectual

Read Hazlitt’s Economics In One Lesson

Read Rothbard’s The Great Depression

Read Ludwig von Mieses: Planning For Freedom and Planned Chaos

Support Students For Liberty and Young Americans For Liberty for they are reading such things and learning what their professors will not teach them, are growing exponentially and in good time will rescue us from the evil policies of the socialists, leftists, liberals and progressives.

3 thoughts on “Bleeding Our Country

  1. Seriously good Comment ! Thanks for posting.

    Although I was not aware that Justin Timberlake knew anything about Constitutional Money. Guess that wardrobe malfunction lead to “bigger and better” pursuits….. good to know.

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