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As you may or may not know, the first Republican debate shall be on August 6th. The Fox News Channel is only allowing 10 of the 16 candidates. Now I did hear a rumour that Forbes would broadcast a debate with the leftovers. Hope that’s true; I’ll watch both.

Here is who I would like to see: Carson, Trump, Cruz, Walker, Paul, Fiorina, Huckabee, Perry, Rubio, Bush. Should be interesting who Fox decides upon. Who is your Top 10 list?

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    • He was a good governor down here. On the national level, I wanna hear him debate. Unlike the closed mind, mine seems pretty open (hopefully my brain won’t fall out.) Notice that neither of you give a list. Reckon deep down you’re both Hillary lovers.

  1. I really appreciate Trump’s approach to opening a BADLY needed dialogue about where America is headed! It is unfortunate that he appears to be of the same Ilk as Carson on the second Amendment :

    “Trump believes that the Democrats’ approach to confiscate all guns will leave criminals as the only ones with weapons, but believes Republicans need to be more flexible on reforms. “Democrats want to confiscate all guns, which is a dumb idea because only the law-abiding citizens would turn in their guns and the bad guys would be the only ones left armed. The Republicans walk the NRA line and refuse even limited restrictions. I generally oppose gun control, but I support the ban on assault weapons and I also support a slightly longer waiting period to purchase a gun. With today’s Internet technology we should be able to tell within seventy-two hours if a potential gun owner has a record.”

    Recap :….. ” I support the BAN on assault weapons”…. ” limited RESTRICTIONS”…. “a LONGER WAITING PERIOD to purchase a gun.”
    That he even uses the term assault weapon is bad, that he is FOR Restrictions and Longer waiting times to exercise your right in light of : “….Shall not be infringed ” , is well ….

    Not good !

  2. My List :

    Cruz, Walker, Fiorina, Trump, Jindal, Perry, Paul

    That’s it…..not interested in any of the others. The number is designed to thwart a GOP win anyway. Game theory sweetheart….. this one is EASY to see !!

  3. Can anyone tell me where there is a list of all the candidates (whether on the approved list or not) and their opinions on the “issues”? Or whatever is the approved word now for a candidate’s platform? I’d like to know their economic ideas and social opinions.


  4. Not a single one of the candidates, any pf the gang of 16, 17,…, have enough stones on the economic or social policy side to make any difference. The Democrat/Marxist Party is the only party that is truly committed to a cause, damn the casualties. It may be evil but it’s their cause and they have won every contest that matters for the last 100+ years with RINO support.

    When the time comes to vote it will be another RINO.

    • Ben Carson has a boy who walked on water on his team. Donald Trump has billions of dollars on his team.

      Here’s the thing: Socialism in America has been chipping away slowly to conquer. Can we not do the same?

      • I agree about fighting the fight that needs to be fought. How did the Obama-Communists put it..” Don’t bring a knife to a Gun fight”.

        The problem is that RINOism IS the “we’ll get it done slowly” angle that has been sold to the Republican and Conservative base for 100 + years too.

        What we need is a radical change of “battle tactics” I think what Chhelo says is true. But I also think that Trump and Cruz represent a middle point between “radical change” and outright desultory GOP progressivism. Although I readily admit there are elements there of Progressivism. Walker is a mid-point also on his very successful dealings with the Union Scum.

        But the others are even MORE progressive than the average GOP politician during the 20th Century. And YES I can find egregious legislation in MANY GOP politicians during the last 100 years. That’s not my point. Rather the GOP has DEVOLVED into such a Leftist also-ran party that merely selecting amongst available GOP “Deal-makers” is NOT going to get the job done that needs to be done. In fact quite the opposite. Which is what Joe has been pointing out in his posts.

        ANY continuation of policies and Compromise positions that run counter to Strict Constitutionalism is Doom for America. It really is that simple.

        • It’s really not that simple. Article V shall never happen, and look what happened the last time states attempted to secede. The process, imho, must be to beat then at their own game. Carson, Cruz, and Trump would be a giant (and much needed) jump to the right. Are they perfect? Is anyone? I believe the whole point is to get us out of this mess as expediently as possible. I know very well the candidates who will keep America stagnant and bring us down; which is why I should very much love for the country to hear them get their just desserts in a debate.

          • You keep playing the game of trying to shove Carson in front… Because he’s Black ?…because he occasionally mentions God and that makes him a “good” progressive ?

            Everything he says is tinged with Liberalism.

            But That is why you push this agenda. And push the Negativism ( Which is the GOP progressive RINO line actually )…. essentially that line boils down to…. ” go down the middle, and make deals. ”
            -Article V Can happen …. with concerted effort. The TP is the model, and with more Organizing effort. It sprang from nowhere and became a force majeure overnight. Lessons learned there could and would suffice to push the COS over the Threshold.
            -The standard Big Gov’t scare tactic about the Civil War…… You sound exactly like every Liberal or RINO on every Blog site I visit. There is/are more than one way to have a secession.

            The fact is we are in a Constitutional Crises as we speak….an ongoing one.
            The fact is we are Already engaged in a Civil War…. an ongoing one in the culture and politics that just became Physical in the past 2-3 years. The knock-out games, the Obammy justice dept refusing to prosecute black crimes as racial, the confiscation and ruination of Christian businesses by the Gay Gestapo…….. this is the beginning and new form that America’s 21st Century Civil War is taking.

            But you say the process is to beat them at their own game.

            That in fact is the opposite of what needs to be done. It is the recipe for ASSURING that business as usual will continue……… What needs to happen is WE need to beat them with OUR game. We need to play by OUR rules. We need to OWN the fight, and own the issues and own the game….NOT play theirs.

            Bush, Rubio , Carson and all the rest of your heartthrobs are nothing put active participants in THEIR game. And by pushing them you are in effect joining and promoting the progressive takeover. Maybe you genuinely don’t understand this….or maybe you are an active participant. I don’t know.

            ** So far, the only activity which has even hinted at a change of game is Trumps strong voice of both issue identification and then push-back against the hate speech directed against him. **

            Somehow there is this feeling that once *Obammy the muslim Commie* is out of office, things will revert back to normal. If we can just wait it out until Jan 2016, everybody will then ” get religion” and get behind one of these Say Nothing GOP candidates and all will be fine.
            You and they are going to be very very shocked to find that there are MILLIONS who will be true to their words and not vote for another Liberal-lite. That “game” is over for many. Believe me !

            We are tired of the line that it is, or will be, our fault if we don’t choose one of your Liberal Republican alternatives. It is in fact all like you who are not DEMANDING that a true Constitutionalist be put forward, that will be to blame. As you are advocating nothing but the same old saw that has been here for 100+ years…… and by doing so you and the GOP progressives now on slate have become a *Force for inertia*, rather than a force for change.

      • Kells,

        No! Since I have been alive we as a nation have always moved left never right. Remember the government/people/moral society all follow the lead of the Church. As the Church has moved left society moves left as well. The “False Christian Church” has accepted sin as normal behavior. Just look at our schools, entertainment, government. Why worry about sinning in word, thought and deed continually if the loving false god being worshipped says its OK “once saved always saved” you can live in your sin and be saved. Liars, whoremongers, adulterers, the effeminate, thieves you name it are all worshipped in our society today. The majority of Americans will vote for anyone other than a Bible believing Christian with real beliefs and morals based on the truths of God.

        People forget God is a just God as well. Timing you departure from your human existence may not allow time for a death bed confession asking Jesus Christ to forgive you of your sin(s). If you are not in an indwelling relationship, Christ in You and You In Christ, when heart stops stops and you pass away God would violate his attribute of being Just if he accepts you when real Christians have walked the walk. If you are living a life style in rebellion against God you may be condemning your self. Jesus clearly states he did not come to condemn anyone however we do that ourselves out of free will.

        John 8:11King James Version (KJV)
        11 She said, No man, Lord. And Jesus said unto her, Neither do I condemn thee: go, and sin no more.

        God’s word is very clear on who will and won’t be saved for eternity. The Now Intent of God is to remove sin from his creation once and for all so that sin will not raise it’s ugly head again in eternity. Earth is the perfect testing ground to separate the wheat from the chaff.

        Some serious Bible study of God’s truths are sorely lacking in todays Church’s. Time for Sunday School.


        God’s now intent, or what He is doing now in time, is removing all sin and the act of sinning from His entire Creation once and forever.

        This activity is His program to accomplish His Eternal Purpose. (See below) For God as well as angels and mankind, this process is extremely dangerous and painful.

        “What do you imagine against the Lord? He will make an utter end: affliction (SIN my emphasis) shall not rise up the second time.” Nahum 1:9

        Is our understanding of who God is and what He is doing in harmony and in accord with God, or is it out of harmony and not in accord?

        • God’s program is to make an utter or complete end of sin. Not a temporary, quick and easy end, but a slow painful yet permanent end of sin – once and forever.
        • That which afflicts God is sin. The duration of sins intrusion into God’s creation is the length of time God is using to remove this affliction once and for all.
        • When sin is put away forever, time will be no more and God’s cleanse restored eternity will begin.

        As permanent spirits with conscious active awareness, there never will come a time that we will not have the capacity and the power to make moral choices – right or wrong actions, righteous or sinful activity.

        In God’s cleansed restored Eternity, where never again sin or its offspring will appear; angels and mankind will be there still with the power of moral choice.

        The moral character of all created spirits throughout eternity will then be in the moral image of Jesus Christ – “having the power to sin but the will not to”


        God Is!

        • He is the Eternal God, and as such has no beginning or ending by definition.
        • There never is a point in past, present, or future Eternity where God is not.
        • God caused all other existences, all other realities beyond Himself.
        • God is the source, the Father, the Cause. He is the Creator of all that is.

        God is the uncaused, first cause of all affects.

        • Creation commenced at a starting point with a real beginning in Eternity within a specific location within Infinite Space.
        • God as Creator pre-existed everything. Therefore it’s logical that He had to have been entirely alone prior to His creative activity.

        Why did God create in the first place?

        God did not have to create, but He chose to.
        There is some thing that God did not have in Eternity prior to creating that He will have when sin is put away forever.

        In being the God of love with a pure and eternal desire to be loved in return by created spirits with the ability to choose to love Him in return, is the basic motivation for God’s creative activity.

        The one thing God did not have in pre-sin eternity that He will have in post-sin eternity is – Spirits created with the power to choose to love God in return.

        The following is the creation account of man. God used this as an illustration for teaching the angels what He went through to find helps meet for God.

        God said “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness.” So, God created man in His image, in the image of God created He him. Genesis 1:26, 27

        In Pre-Creation Eternity – God was entirely alone. In this account of Adam, God is also revealing Himself as to what He went through in creation.

        • God created a man while the angels watched – (the principalities and powers in the heavenly realm), and this man is the only one in existence.
        • God says it is not good for this one man to be alone. God wanted the angels to see through this illustration of Adam, that God in pre-creation eternity, came to the same conclusion about Himself. It is not good for God to be alone.
        • There is something better for God than to be alone. That something is God’s Eternal Purpose, what He desires to have and will have at a great price.
        • God is teaching the angels why He created the angels. But you who have introduced sin into my creation have no way to be forgiven.
        • I want you (angels) to watch as I work with man so you may learn about me. He’s using man as a visual aid to teach the angels about Him.

        First created spirit in the image of God – angels, the angel spirit creature relates directly to the purpose of God.

        Man relates directly to God’s program. God’s program is to educate angels and mankinds believers in Christ the person of God.

        It is not good for God to be alone, “I will make…” I will create; I will make something to exist with me in Eternity.

        • Using man as a vehicle of communicating Himself.
        • Help (I will make a help) = a reciprocal love companion for God.
        • Meet (I will make a help meet) = adequate, sufficient, all that you could ever desire or need your love companion to be. Maximum meeting/satisfaction of desire and need.

        God’s progressive creative activity to find a help meet for God.

        1 Creating the building blocks of physical matter – rocks, wind, and water.
        2 Grasses, shrubs, flowers, trees, etc.
        3 Fish, birds, beasts of the field.

        All of creation to this point are helps for God, they are a reciprocating love companion for God – but they did not nor could not satisfy all that God would desire or need in a personal relationship.

        “He that hath my commandments and keepeth them, he it is that loveth Me:

        • Reciprocation – giving back to God love.
        • “For this is the love of God, that we keep His commandment:” I John 5:3
        • When Jesus spoke to the wind and the water, during a great storm, they acted in love to God by hearing His voice and doing what He told them to do. The winds ceased and the sea was as calm as glass.
        • Jesus spoke to the fig tree that bears no fruit that it would bear no fruit forever. The fig tree loved God, and in an act of love, it withered and died.
        • Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem on the back of an unbroken colt. The donkey did as Jesus commanded; it did not buck Him off, but rather acted in love and carried His creator.

        A fourth level of creation – a spirit created in the image of God.

        • That which holds the greatest promise of blessing and joy and happiness and satisfaction necessarily (at the same time) also threatens the greatest curse and misery.
        • The marriage relationship between a man and a woman is a model, a micro-cosum of God’s relationship with His creation, His helps meet.
        • On an earthly human level, the greatest experience of humanity is marriage. It is the maximum promise of joy, happiness and satisfaction for a man and a woman.

        What is true for the source of happiness for mankind is the same for God – to love and be loved by helps meet.

        • This truth is according; it is inter-related, in harmony with all reality – true of man, angels and God.
        • Reality on the human level, earthly, is in accord with the heavenly and God level. It’s all the same, it all fits, it all harmonizes, and it is according.
        • What happens to man is a mini picture, a microcosm of what happened to God.

        God is using the story of Adam and Eve to show what He had experienced and what happened to Him.

        God created angels with a spirit made in the image of God with the ability to realize His Eternal Purpose to love and be loved by spirit creatures with the power to love him back.

        The “power” to love God by choice is void of real power without having the same “power” to choose to rebel against the known will of God.

        Lucifer and one third of all created angels with this awesome power used it to choose to follow self and not God.

        Sin entered God’s perfect Creation; Eternity was interrupted with an infection of sin in a place we call “Time”.

        more later if you are interested.

        • Amen and AMEN!

          We have forgotten that the Bible is a burrito, not an a la cart menu. You eat the whole Word of God or none at all (and that is not one of Kell’s sexual innuendos, it is a Hebrew idiom).

          We need to remember the less well known passages of Scripture, such as:

          1 Timothy 5:20-25New American Standard Bible (NASB)

          20 Those who continue in sin, rebuke in the presence of all, so that the rest also will be fearful of sinning. 21 I solemnly charge you in the presence of God and of Christ Jesus and of His chosen angels, to maintain these principles without bias, doing nothing in a spirit of partiality. 22 Do not lay hands upon anyone too hastily and [a]thereby share responsibility for the sins of others; keep yourself [b]free from sin.

          23 No longer drink water exclusively, but use a little wine for the sake of your stomach and your frequent ailments.

          24 The sins of some men are quite evident, going before them to judgment; for others, their sins follow after. 25 Likewise also, deeds that are good are quite evident, and those which are otherwise cannot be concealed.

        • I am interested. Could you please clarify this comment? ” That which holds the greatest promise of blessing and joy and happiness and satisfaction necessarily (at the same time) also threatens the greatest curse and misery.”

          • Kells,

            “greatest curse and misery”. Sexual sin outside a “for life”, monogamous marriage relationship between a man and a woman. Look around at the results. Families destroyed, children abandoned/murdered/aborted, venereal disease, mental illness, suicide, murder, pedophilia, and the list of “misery” and destruction goes on. Sexual relations outside of a God defined marriage relationship is a “Curse” on man.

            Sin does not limit it’s effects to the participants. It affects the spouse of the other, the children, friends, family your standing in the community (it used to anyway). Most say well if I do it, it does not hurt anyone else. That is the same thing Satan told Eve in the Garden of Eden. Don’t worry Eve, you eye’s will be opened and you shall not die. It won’t really effect anyone but you. Another attribute of God is Truth and Satan is 100% opposite, Liar.

            Sexual sin is by far the most severe of all sins. The marriage relation ship is a covenant between a husband and wife no different than the covenant relationship between Jesus Chris and his Church.

            This is why God designed marriage to very strict limitations. What God designs man can’t redefine. Remember one of God’s attributes is that he is Immutable. God will never change his moral character. If he destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah in the Old Testament you can rest assure those who commit the same sins today are willingly destroying them selves. God is not going to send anyone to Hell. We send ourselves to Hell.

            Only because of God’s attribute of Immutability can we as human spirits know and trust God. We want a God that is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. Do we want a God that is continually changing the rule book as we move through life. Does that sound logical? If you want to follow a lesser god like Satan, which most do today, it is a lot easier because Satan is 100% opposite God. Satan’s specialty is to change everything based on the season. As the church and society moves further left he keeps throwing more opportunities to spread more hatred, lust, covetousness, sexual perversion to the mass of humanity. His goal is the opposite of God. Send as many human spirits to the Lake of Fire as possible.

            Remember the Now Intent of God in the post above. God is in the process of removing sin from his creation for all time. Sin will not inhabit post creation eternity. Those spirit beings (Human and Angelic) living with Christ in post sin eternity have the same free will we have today but choose not to re-introduce sin into his eternity out a mutual love (agape) relationship.

            12 Attributes of God: Holy, Eternal, Immutable, Spirit, Just, Unity (Three in One the Trinity), Love, Truth, Omnipresent, Omniscient, Omnipotent, All Wise.

            12 Attributes of Satan: Evil, Has a beginning and an end outside God’s creation, Changes with he Season, Anti-Spirit, Unjust, False Unity (Satan, Anti-Christ a man & False Prophet a man), Hate, Lies, Only in one place at a time, Not all knowing, Not all powerful (he still answers to God), Un-Wise (he rebelled against God and chose a life of sin)

            As you can see Satan is 100% opposite of everything God stands for.

            America has fallen into his trap.

            • Thank you, Chello. I’m a terrible flirt, but I have remained true to my silly Costa Rican for 20 years. (I married him when I was one).
              Are you on the FB? I should like to ask you some questions.

  5. My choice for a debate list would be:
    Carson, Trump, Cruz, Walker, Paul, Perry, Rubio . I have some problems with all 7 of these possible GOP nominees’ stances on something, but the other 10(?) I would have a hard time pulling the lever for.
    However, unlike B3A , I believe I would vote for any one of the 17 if they won the nomination and were facing HELLiry.

  6. Perry, Jindal, Cruz, Walker, Fiorina, Rubio, Carson, Bush, Paul, and if there has to be 10, Christie

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