PRINCIPLES OF NATURAL LAW: Promoting Illegal Aliens and Voting Violates The Social Contract


We have more than 20+ million illegal aliens in this nation and our current Administration has been using tax payer money to advertise for more.  Yes, Obama has taken money that was allocated — by Congress — for other purposes and used it to advertise in South and Central American countries for children to come to America.  Then he used tax payer money to help bring them to the U.S. and locate them in strategically positioned cities.  The purpose is to then bring their families to the States using the argument that “since their children are still here and you can’t punish the children…”  This is lawlessness on the part of Obama and his entire Administration. Not only is this breaking our immigration laws, it is the primary purpose of the President — to protect the nation from foreign invasion.  And that is what this is: 20+ million people crossing…

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