The Trump Card

Donald Trump's Hair Found Wandering in the Amazonian Jungle

Donald Trump’s Hair Found Wandering the Amazonian Jungle

Folks, this isn’t a battle between Democrats and Republicans. Even though every contemporary political construct screams this is a partisan battle, it is not. Believe it or not, party affiliation is immaterial. Party identification is only important as an organizing principle within the design of our government. This battle is, and has always been, a back-alley knife fight between the totalitarian forces of progressivism and classic liberal forces of constitutional republicanism.

There may be Democrats who aren’t ideologically subservient to progressivism but they never vote otherwise – unless it is a symbolic act that won’t endanger passage of the bill at hand – a show vote for the rubes back home. The result is a monolithic voting bloc in Congress which assures progressive solidarity whether in the minority or the majority. Their devotion to their ideology is so great, the actions of the Democrat leadership while in the minority are indistinguishable from when they are not. They continue to make assertive and aggressive demands as if they were in control because they see their opponents across the aisle as illegitimate and weak. They are willing to “progress” their agenda by any means necessary. If that means sham or arcane legislative tricks, changing Congressional rules or constitutionally dubious executive actions, then so be it. The ends justify the means because they believe their loss of power is a temporary accident resulting from an ignorant, misinformed, racist, bigoted and sexist population, rather than a repudiation of their ideology.

There are, of course, progressives in the Republican Party as well. They are slightly different. Not nearly as aggressive as progressive Democrats, the “establishment” power grid of the GOP is actually “progressive lite”. Since they are not radical progressives like Democrats, they prefer to allow progressive policies to be ensconced in law through their inaction or tacit approval as they explain to their voters why they just couldn’t stop them. For decades, they have done little to alter our path to more central government, less individual choice and less local control – all they have done is to slow it down with a few “victories” which history always proves as being merely symbolic. The GOP never wins the big battles for constitutional republicanism even when in control of Congress – or of all government for that matter – one of G.W. Bush’s “victories” was an expansion of the Medicare entitlement.

Since regaining the House via a Tea Party revolt in 2010, they most certainly have been “obstructionist” in nature, halting the Obama agenda and driving him to use extra-constitutional means to implement his policies. This “obstruction” has only held the progressive agenda in abeyance, it has not stopped it. Everything that Obama wants to do is still there, slumbering in suspended animation, awaiting a progressive spring thaw.

Now, much to their chagrin and most inconveniently for the progressives in the GOP, the Trump card gets tossed onto the table.

Trump is certainly no conservative firebrand – he has a history of progressivism. He’s supported Hillary in the past – but then Jeb Bush has had some pretty kind words for the Hildebeast as well. Trump is actually a pretty prototypical Nelson Rockefeller country club progressive Republican. He should fit nicely with the Boehner and McConnell cabal in Congress. He and Michael Bloomberg have a lot in common. For those reasons, I don’t think he has a snowball’s chance in Hell of getting the nomination.

Trump is a smart businessman and an opportunist – as all good businessmen are. Seeing an opportunity to advance their position, they leverage it to create even greater opportunities. That’s what Trump is doing with the illegal immigration issue, leveraging it to his benefit because it as a dual value to him – it builds support and camouflages his progressive past. None of his signature issues are new:

  • The issue of sanctuary cities is hot right now – but neither sanctuary cities nor illegal immigration popped up overnight, nor have they been a secret. Republicans have known about these all along – for goodness sake, there are sanctuary cities in Texas. Never been a real hot button issue for the GOP.
  • The media has always been in the progressive camp. Distortion of constitutional republicanism has always been a part of the game. Claiming that being against illegal immigration means that you oppose all immigration, illegitimately and irrationally generalizing comments about a specific issue to misrepresent a position (think Todd Akin), selective editing interviews of conservative politicians to give the impression they said something they didn’t, saturation bombing conservative faux pas and then simply not covering news unfavorable to progressivism and progressive politicians or favorable to their opposition is nothing new.
  • Socialized medicine has been a progressive wet dream since FDR. Ronald Reagan gave a prescient speech about how socialized medicine is tied to a progresso-communist takeover of American life…in 1961. HillaryCare was but a glimpse of a possible future and just as they did in with gay marriage, the progressives bided their time until they could ram it through. It’s not like the GOP couldn’t have seen this coming for nearly 100 years – but they sat on their asses and let it happen. Now the progressive Republicans who claimed to want repeal of OCare during the election are not so sure…
  • Given that Democrats constantly redefine “success” to keep their policies going and they have no issues using federal power against their enemies, the Obama years has proven one thing – the “establishment” GOP is a cowardly and toothless watchdog.

Whether you choose to believe what His Hairness is saying – or even whether you believe he believes it – the bombastic Trump is at once exposing the failures of progressivism and the soft, white underbelly of a feckless and progressive establishment GOP and he is doing it in a manner so big, so loud and so public that not even the progressive media can ignore it.

And that’s why they hate Donald Trump.

7 thoughts on “The Trump Card

  1. Everybody in the press hated Reagan. The Left hated Reagan. And the establishment GOP and the Bush family hated Reagan.

    But he managed to speak above the press, to the people. He was heard, and heard loudly above all attempts to silence him.

  2. Trump praised Cruz. Press didn’t cover that. They also didn’t cover that Cruz and Carson had no unkind words to say about Trump’s remarks. Why? Cause the liberal press doesn’t want you to listen to true conservatives. Just my opinion….

    You know, the other day you wrote about the top five things a leader needs to do. Which one do you believe Trump failed at?

      • I will say that I’ve never read his book or watched his show, so I haven’t a clue as to his authenticity. I did like what he said, and I did like that he proffered Cruz. He will make the Fox debate, and the Democrats are squirming….I do like that, too.

  3. The real danger is that, if the Shemitah cycle delivers a serious setback in September, Trump will stand in the strongest position to take advantage of it. The incumbents will be utterly discredited and probably be dumped in 2016, and we will need a principled candidate to replace or accompany Trump – one who understands history’s mistakes and is wise enough not to repeat them. Cruz? Carson? Jindal?

    • Cruz.

      Jindal for Sect’y of State.

      Carson is a Progressive and Conservatives need to steer clear of him.

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